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About Safeguarding Children|03/05/2024 09:05:51
Children In Care - Training and Resources|10/09/2021 11:03:50
Report abuse - contacting children's social care|03/05/2024 09:05:51
About this site|05/04/2024 10:21:43
Abbreviations and Acronyms|05/04/2024 10:21:43
Accessibility|12/01/2024 09:01:31
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Terms of Service|05/04/2024 09:09:10
Admissions|14/05/2024 11:36:56
About Admissions|02/05/2024 11:35:23
Admission of Summer Born Children|12/02/2024 11:58:34
Determination of Admission Arrangements|01/02/2024 11:42:04
Free School Meals
School Admission Priority Areas|26/01/2024 10:26:39
School Policies and Supplementary Information Form|14/05/2024 11:36:56
Behaviour|13/05/2024 08:37:18
Alternative Provision|13/05/2024 08:37:18
Alternative Provision Quality Assurance Checklist|07/05/2024 08:15:44
Behaviour & Attendance Collaboratives|07/05/2024 08:14:56
Behaviour in schools|20/02/2024 06:47:52
Exclusions & Suspensions|14/06/2024 08:01:24
Advice and Support to Governors|25/01/2024 11:22:43
Exclusions and suspensions|05/06/2024 08:34:28
Templates, Letters, Forms & Guidance|14/06/2024 08:01:24
Preventative measures to school exclusion|13/02/2024 07:24:55
Pupil Referral Units|07/05/2024 08:15:34
Breathe Better Bradford|08/05/2024 10:24:48
Anti Idling|08/05/2024 10:24:48
Clean Air Schools|18/03/2024 14:23:58
Buildings|31/05/2024 09:08:56
Education Buildings|22/04/2024 16:11:45
About Education Buildings|22/04/2024 16:11:45
Asbestos|21/12/2023 16:53:34
Ceilings|21/12/2023 16:54:16
Construction Design Management|21/12/2023 16:54:36
Essential School Maintenance|21/12/2023 16:55:47
Illegal Encampments On School Sites|21/12/2023 16:56:18
Key Contacts|21/12/2023 16:56:51
Legionella Statutory Duty|21/12/2023 16:57:03
School Building Works Notification|21/12/2023 16:57:27
Swimming Pools|21/12/2023 16:57:43
Energy|31/05/2024 09:08:56
Fire Safety|29/12/2023 09:02:25
Property Management|29/12/2023 09:04:36
Recycling and Waste|05/04/2024 09:14:39
Venues|05/04/2024 09:09:36
Careers Education and Skills|05/04/2024 09:59:31
About Us|30/03/2023 21:49:14
Curriculum and Pathways|26/01/2024 10:43:35
Information, Advice and Guidance Traded Service|05/04/2024 09:59:04
Work Experience Traded Service|05/04/2024 09:59:31
Young People EET and NEET
Communications|03/05/2024 09:38:32
Acronyms in Education|03/05/2024 09:38:32
Communications toolkit and guidance for schools|06/10/2023 10:16:33
Voluntary and Community Organisations|04/09/2022 11:51:45
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CPD & Courses|23/04/2024 08:17:53
HLTA Information and Application Form |08/11/2023 10:54:27
Support Services Courses|23/04/2024 08:17:53
Curriculum & Assessment|24/05/2024 12:24:47
Action for Sport|03/04/2024 15:42:15
Assessment|08/04/2024 09:56:17
EYFS|08/04/2024 09:56:17
Introduction|31/01/2024 16:52:57
KS1 Assessment|29/08/2023 08:29:11
KS2 Assessment|31/01/2024 16:56:03
Links|15/09/2023 10:51:04
Meetings|15/09/2023 10:45:53
News|20/09/2023 14:40:39
Resources|06/10/2023 09:13:09
Curriculum Innovation Service|01/02/2024 09:20:05
Music & Arts Service - Buy Back|15/04/2024 11:54:01
Outdoor Education Centres|24/05/2024 12:24:47
Speak Out|08/04/2024 08:17:14
Data Guidance for Schools|07/05/2024 15:13:29
Lost Exam Certificates|03/04/2024 13:08:55
School Data|14/06/2024 09:04:40
Data Sharing Agreement|08/03/2024 09:09:18
IMT Traded Service|07/06/2024 14:07:37
School holidays and term dates|07/05/2024 15:13:29
School Statutory Collections|20/06/2024 14:33:01
Assessment Data Collection|20/06/2024 14:33:01
School Census|23/04/2024 07:47:49
Early Education & Childcare|17/05/2024 09:56:14
Terrific Twos|22/03/2024 12:44:38
Working Families Entitlements|16/04/2024 14:18:37
Wraparound Childcare|17/05/2024 09:56:14
Education and Learning|31/10/2023 15:20:20
Introduction|31/10/2023 15:20:20
Traded services|13/10/2023 10:28:44
Who are we|13/10/2023 10:26:28
Education Safeguarding|03/05/2024 09:06:16
Attendance|18/06/2024 15:26:37
Attendance Charter|18/06/2024 15:26:37
Attendance Resources and Network Information|04/04/2024 15:29:07
Attendance Support Team|05/06/2024 11:50:38
Guidance for Schools on Religious Observance during Term-Time|31/01/2024 14:07:55
Modified / Part-Time Timetables|15/04/2024 11:07:07
Penalty Notices|04/06/2024 15:32:18
Staged Intervention Approach to Poor Attendance|04/03/2024 12:09:26
Child Licensing|23/02/2024 12:27:41
Child Employment|23/02/2024 12:27:06
Child Performance|23/02/2024 12:27:41
Education Access|03/05/2024 09:05:03
Children missing education|06/02/2024 09:11:20
Off Roll Guidance and Notifications|03/05/2024 09:05:03
Transition|25/04/2024 08:27:13
Education Safeguarding Team|03/05/2024 09:03:46
Elective Home Education|03/05/2024 09:04:12
Gypsy Roma Traveller (GRT) Support|03/05/2024 09:04:31
Managing Allegations|03/05/2024 09:04:51
Safeguarding Training|03/05/2024 09:06:16
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Educational Psychology|22/05/2024 13:17:56
About the Educational Psychology Team|08/01/2024 14:04:47
Buying Additional Time|08/01/2024 14:15:51
Courses and Training|19/03/2024 13:21:57
Critical Incident and Bereavement Support|08/01/2024 14:31:46
Educational Psychology Consultations|08/01/2024 14:32:44
Emotionally-based School Avoidance (EBSA)|22/05/2024 13:17:56
Portage|16/01/2024 18:56:47
School Based SEN Review|19/03/2024 13:22:09
Emergencies|20/05/2024 08:06:40
Activation Flowchart for Emergency Response|02/01/2024 15:16:13
Critical Incidents
Emergency call-out plan|20/05/2024 08:06:40
Emergency Management Team|02/01/2024 15:16:29
Emergency School Closures|08/03/2024 09:09:29
Equality, Diversity and Achievement|03/06/2024 13:45:34
Access Team|24/04/2024 10:17:55
Equality Act 2010 for Schools|07/05/2024 10:39:34
Festivals & Special Times|07/05/2024 10:42:26
Prevent|03/06/2024 13:45:34
SACRE|17/04/2024 09:30:43
Bradford SACRE|18/03/2024 09:45:48
Introduction|18/03/2024 09:27:48
RE Agreed Syllabus|17/04/2024 09:30:43
Supplementary Schools|19/02/2024 11:52:13
Finance|18/06/2024 11:54:00
An Introduction|20/05/2024 15:43:10
Bradford Schools Forum|22/05/2024 10:10:21
A contents guide|20/05/2024 15:43:33
Conduct of Meetings / Elections / Membership|22/05/2024 10:10:21
Consultation Papers & Roadshow Presentations|20/05/2024 15:44:46
EYWG Minutes / Remit|20/05/2024 15:45:31
FFWG Minutes / Remit|20/05/2024 15:45:46
Forum Agendas & Minutes|20/05/2024 15:46:14
DfE Section 251 Budget and Outturn Statements|28/05/2024 13:51:48
Free School Meals
Latest News & Updates|18/06/2024 11:54:00
Pupil Premium|20/05/2024 15:48:35
School Financial Procedures|20/05/2024 15:48:55
SFT Guidance|20/05/2024 16:27:38
A contents guide|20/05/2024 15:49:57
Advances Schedule|20/05/2024 15:50:25
Audit / SFVS|20/05/2024 15:51:09
Changing to Full Budget Share|20/05/2024 15:51:23
Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR)|20/05/2024 15:54:34
FAQs|20/05/2024 15:55:37
Finance Induction Documentation|20/05/2024 16:27:38
Glossary of Key Terms|20/05/2024 16:00:14
HCSS Finance Software|20/05/2024 16:00:59
SAP|20/05/2024 16:02:37
Timetable of key dates|20/05/2024 16:09:37
VAT|20/05/2024 16:10:33
Who Do I Contact|20/05/2024 15:49:44
Year End|20/05/2024 16:10:58
SFT Protocols|22/05/2024 10:11:26
SFT Services to Schools|20/05/2024 16:15:17
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FM Services|05/04/2024 10:42:17
About FM Services|11/03/2024 09:04:47
Allergen Information|25/03/2024 14:57:27
FM News
Meal Prices|05/04/2024 10:42:17
Our Services|12/03/2024 09:33:55
ParentPay|12/03/2024 09:23:26
Health (including Health & Safety)|05/06/2024 12:02:08
Asthma Guidance|20/05/2024 08:04:38
Control of Infection and Communicable Disease|20/05/2024 08:02:59
Health & safety guidance|20/05/2024 08:05:15
Health and Safety Training|05/06/2024 12:02:08
Heat wave planning|20/05/2024 08:05:40
Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) Programme 2021|04/03/2024 10:46:11
Public Health Guidance – Covid 19|08/12/2022 15:52:18
School Nursing Team|25/03/2024 16:51:00
Snow & Ice Clearance|20/05/2024 08:03:21
Stress Management|20/05/2024 08:04:06
Human Resources|12/03/2024 15:22:18
An Introduction to HR|12/03/2024 15:20:49
Apprenticeships for schools|28/02/2024 16:13:28
Payroll Services|07/05/2024 09:16:43
An Introduction To Payroll|26/01/2024 09:01:12
IR35 Process|07/10/2021 10:46:21
Payroll & Pension Liaison Service Resources|07/05/2024 09:16:43
Recruitment & Advertising|12/03/2024 15:21:25
Advertising|12/03/2024 15:20:36
Online Recruitment|12/03/2024 15:21:03
Recruitment Strategies|12/03/2024 15:21:25
Vetting Service|12/03/2024 15:22:18
ICT Management|04/04/2024 12:42:43
Bradford Learning Network|04/04/2024 12:42:43
E-ICT|08/04/2024 09:07:01
Our Service Desk|17/07/2020 09:28:18
The Application Support & Training Team|08/04/2024 09:07:01
The Technical Support Team|23/02/2024 09:02:25
Information for Families & Young People|29/03/2023 21:09:21
Bradford Families Information Services|29/03/2023 21:09:21
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Leadership & Management|10/06/2024 08:42:27
Alliance for Life Chances|16/08/2022 16:24:02
Bradford Opportunity Area|15/08/2022 12:22:18
Changes to governance|20/04/2023 13:26:13
Free School Meals|10/06/2024 08:42:27
School Clothing Allowance|19/04/2024 09:06:45
School Companies|02/01/2024 15:15:43
Legal|23/04/2024 08:17:40
Copyright|23/04/2024 08:17:40
Information Security, Data Protection and Freedom|06/12/2018 11:54:21
Third-Party Licenses|05/04/2024 09:09:28
Living Well Schools|15/01/2024 14:15:55
Mental Health
Healthy Minds|13/05/2024 14:13:50
About Healthy Minds|27/02/2024 10:19:14
Bradford Healthy Minds Chartermark|08/04/2024 14:09:28
DfE Grant Funded Senior Mental Health Lead Trainin|13/05/2024 14:13:50
Education Emotional Wellbeing Practitioners Team|02/04/2024 15:55:12
Healthy Minds - Services Directory for Schools|12/04/2024 13:43:28
Healthy Minds Wellbeing Intervention Training|27/02/2024 10:25:21
Mental Health Champions CORE|27/02/2024 10:19:48
Mental Health Champions PLUS|30/04/2024 13:22:17
Self Harm in School|30/03/2022 14:41:46
An Introduction|30/03/2022 14:40:56
Bradford Protocol Policy for Addressing Self Harm|30/03/2022 14:41:17
Bradford Self Harm Recording Proforma|30/03/2022 14:41:26
Further Information about Self Harm|30/03/2022 14:41:37
Young Minds Worried About Self Harm|30/03/2022 14:41:46
Prevention and Early Help|20/03/2023 10:34:53
Parenting Programmes|20/03/2023 10:34:53
Professional Development
Early Career Teachers (ECTs) and Induction|13/10/2023 12:56:09
Introduction|13/10/2023 12:56:09
Pupil Voice|08/09/2023 18:36:11
School Governance & Workforce Development|10/01/2024 13:16:22
Clerking Service|10/01/2024 13:16:22
School Governor Service|05/03/2024 18:37:16
Governor Forums|23/10/2023 14:41:06
Governor Monthly Updates|01/11/2023 15:06:00
Governor Training|05/03/2024 18:26:26
Improvement Through Effective Evaluation|07/11/2023 09:43:51
Introduction to Governance|05/03/2024 18:31:43
New Governors|05/03/2024 18:33:54
Recruitment of School Governors|05/03/2024 18:37:16
Useful Documents and Information|07/11/2023 09:49:08
Useful Websites|07/11/2023 09:50:25
School Support Staff Development|08/11/2023 10:49:00
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) Training|08/11/2023 10:49:00
Pastoral Support Training|21/04/2023 10:50:56
School Organisation|30/05/2024 16:30:38
Planning Education Provision|03/05/2024 09:26:22
Primary Place Planning|30/05/2024 16:30:38
Secondary Place Planning|15/04/2024 13:41:18
SEND Place Planning|17/05/2024 09:02:42
School Travel & Visits|12/06/2024 10:12:49
Adventure Activities Development Unit|10/04/2024 13:21:05
Anti Idling
Cycle Training|01/02/2024 13:13:52
Educational Visits|09/04/2024 09:13:54
Home to School Travel|05/04/2024 09:19:20
Road Safety|12/06/2024 10:12:49
School Crossing Patrol|19/04/2024 09:41:49
Special Educational Needs & Disabilities|03/06/2024 13:45:31
0-25 Specialist Teaching & Support Service (STaSS)|04/06/2024 16:56:36
About 0-25 Specialist Teaching & Support Service|04/06/2024 16:56:36
Sensory & Physical Needs Service|19/04/2024 15:36:05
About Sensory & Physical Needs Service|01/03/2024 12:46:06
Deaf and MSI Service|01/03/2024 11:49:24
Multi Sensory Impairment (MSI)|15/02/2024 16:20:23
Physical Needs Service|19/01/2024 16:11:07
Vision Impairment Team|19/04/2024 15:36:05
Social, Communication, Interaction & Learning (SCIL)|20/06/2024 14:00:19
About the SCIL Team|04/06/2024 07:48:15
Communication & Interaction (Autism)|12/04/2024 13:43:32
Contacts|03/06/2024 09:36:48
Early Years|14/06/2024 15:36:40
Early Years Inclusion Funding|11/06/2024 08:54:31
Fundamentals for Inclusion – Learning Support|12/06/2024 15:09:18
Learning Support (Cognition & Learning)|20/06/2024 14:00:19
Learning Support - Baseline Assessment|22/03/2024 12:08:54
Learning Support – MSL|24/01/2024 16:40:45
Social, Emotional & Mental Health|13/06/2024 09:07:25
Children's Therapy Services (health)|23/02/2024 16:38:12
Direct referrals for neurodevelopmental pathway|23/02/2024 16:38:12
Occupational Therapy
Speech and Language Therapy|08/05/2024 08:53:20
Airedale Speech and Language Therapy|08/05/2024 08:53:20
Bradford Speech and Language Therapy|28/03/2024 08:31:10
Inclusion Support Documents|03/06/2024 13:45:14
School Based SEND Review|19/03/2024 13:22:24
SEN Assessment Team
SEN Strategy
Action Plans
Communication and Engagement Plan
PfA Strategy
SEND Joint Commissioning Intentions/Strategy
SEND Change Programme|03/06/2024 13:45:31
SEND Code of Practice|03/06/2024 13:46:35
Documentation|03/06/2024 13:46:35
Matrix of Need|19/03/2024 13:22:33
My Support Plan|03/06/2024 13:46:27
School / EY Support|03/06/2024 13:46:18
SEND Collaborative Network|03/06/2024 13:46:47
About|22/04/2024 16:48:37
At a Glance Documents|12/04/2024 12:43:22
Get Involved|03/06/2024 13:46:47
Minutes and Action Points|29/01/2024 09:28:47
SEND Governance|17/05/2024 09:47:32
Key teams and contacts
LASSPB and Workstream ToR|17/05/2024 09:47:32
Specialist Provision|14/06/2024 11:58:05
Early Years Enhanced Specialist Provision
LA Resourced Provisions|16/05/2024 09:22:44
Medical Needs and Hospital Education Service|14/06/2024 11:58:05
Other Resources Provision
PRU and AP
Special Schools
Support for Parents|19/03/2024 10:55:43
Bradford’s Local Offer|19/03/2024 10:55:43
Parent Support Groups
Support for Sencos|03/06/2024 13:46:08
Good Practice Network|03/06/2024 13:46:08
New Sencos|19/03/2024 13:22:45
News and Updates|22/04/2024 16:48:25
Senco Networks|21/05/2024 16:52:13
Training|03/06/2024 13:45:53
Down Syndrome Training|23/02/2024 12:34:40
Networks|01/05/2024 15:28:55
Other Training|03/06/2024 13:45:53
Skills4Bradford|03/06/2024 13:45:43
Spotlight Conferences|01/05/2024 15:24:41
Support for Young People|17/01/2024 13:01:52
SEND Youth Voice|17/01/2024 13:01:52
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The Virtual School for Looked After Children|07/02/2024 09:19:04
Contact the Bradford Virtual School Team|09/11/2023 09:40:44
Personal Education Plans and Designated Teachers|07/02/2024 09:19:04
Policy and Guidance for schools|30/11/2023 16:47:57
Pupil Premium Plus|11/10/2023 14:41:28
Upcoming training dates|12/10/2023 16:39:35
Useful Resources for Home Learning|26/09/2022 10:09:10
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Bradford school children celebrating Clean Air Day|20/06/2024 15:26:02
Counselling and Therapeutic support in schools |20/06/2024 13:25:57
How well are you looking after your DSL's? |20/06/2024 13:25:47
The Casual Clerk role: interested in applying? Drop in Session|20/06/2024 10:05:34
Prevent Education Conferences 2024|19/06/2024 14:32:33
Sandy Lane Primary School - Positive Handling Training |18/06/2024 14:23:16
Early Years Pupil Premium lists for Summer 2024|18/06/2024 13:23:04
Football Camps|18/06/2024 11:57:16
Birth to 19 Apprenticeship Academy|17/06/2024 13:20:28
IMT Traded Service 2024-25 is now live!|14/06/2024 12:31:45
2023-24 Key Stage 4 Results Day Collection - Thursday 22nd August|14/06/2024 12:31:36
2023-24 Key Stage 5 Results Day Collection - Thursday 15th August|14/06/2024 12:31:24
Assessment Data Collection Arrangements - 2024|14/06/2024 12:30:52
The Casual Clerk role: Drop in Session Friday 12-1pm on Teams|14/06/2024 10:04:52
September 2024 Contract Launch Event|14/06/2024 10:04:42
School Governor Training Update|13/06/2024 14:12:04
Elklan Speech and Language Support for 5-11s training course |13/06/2024 09:21:41
Mini SCIL and Educational Psychology Course Brochures for 23/24|13/06/2024 09:21:30
School Gate Parking Resources |12/06/2024 18:40:41
Young Driver Workshops |12/06/2024 14:22:22
The Casual Clerk role: interested in applying? Drop in Session|12/06/2024 14:22:13
Road Safety Presentation - West Yorkshire Police |12/06/2024 14:22:00
Supervision support for DSLs |12/06/2024 12:24:31
Counselling and Therapeutic support in schools |12/06/2024 12:24:14
Vote for Bradford Cathedral in the Heritage Open Day Anniversary Gallery|12/06/2024 11:00:57
FREE training on Down syndrome|10/06/2024 15:31:25
Free School Meals Primary to Secondary Moves|10/06/2024 09:10:42
Join our SMSC Network|09/06/2024 14:18:36
2023-24 Key Stage 4 Results Day Collection - Thursday 22nd August|07/06/2024 11:02:57
Assessment Data Collection Arrangements 2024|07/06/2024 11:02:48
Summer School Census 2024|07/06/2024 11:02:39
2023-24 Key Stage 5 Results Day Collection - Thursday 15th August|07/06/2024 11:02:30
IMT Traded Service 2024-25 is now LIVE!|07/06/2024 10:04:43
June's newsletter from the SCIL Team for school SENDCO's and PVI Settings|07/06/2024 09:31:45
Bradford district children’s food survey|07/06/2024 09:04:00
Effective Transitions for Children with SEND in the Early Years|07/06/2024 08:53:13
Team Teach Positive Behaviour Management Level 2 & refresher courses 24/25|07/06/2024 08:52:54
SEMH - Bradford Nurture Network – last remaining date - 23-24 |07/06/2024 08:52:45
The EYFS Networks |06/06/2024 16:26:46
Free DocsPlus Support and training Webinar|06/06/2024 15:39:59
Assessment Data Collection Arrangements 2024|06/06/2024 15:31:49
ACT for Education|05/06/2024 13:21:24
Please read: 45 day limit for suspension|05/06/2024 11:28:20
Check Working Parent Entitlement Codes for the Autumn Term|04/06/2024 15:06:49
Child Safety Week- Safety Sorted!|04/06/2024 15:06:35
Bradford Cathedral to welcome the COAT OF HOPES|04/06/2024 09:34:16
Chromosome Rocks 2024|04/06/2024 09:23:56
Down Syndrome Training & Support Service June newsletter|04/06/2024 09:23:42
Latest School Governor Newsletter|03/06/2024 14:20:56
Safety of Women and Girls Toolkit|03/06/2024 09:28:28
Schools Pack Launch - Celebrating Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month 2024|31/05/2024 16:02:56
Information sharing event Children & Families Wellbeing support|31/05/2024 09:19:22
Born in Bradford: Age of Wonder Work Experience Opportunity!|30/05/2024 09:55:14
Born In Bradford: Age of Wonder...MY LIFE MY CITY short movie competition!|30/05/2024 09:54:52
Counselling and Therapeutic support in schools for CYP, staff and parents|29/05/2024 16:50:02
Brake's Kids Walk 2024|29/05/2024 16:49:13
FREE VIRTUAL EVENT - Skills 4 Bradford Summer Contracts Launch|24/05/2024 15:46:32
Family fun days at Bradford District’s Family Hubs|24/05/2024 10:59:31
REMINDER: DocsPlus support/training webinar Mon 11th June 3:15-4pm|24/05/2024 09:39:07
Refugee Week 2024 (17-23 June) |24/05/2024 09:35:13
Bitesize eLearning - Cyber Security|24/05/2024 09:27:25
Become a Cultural Champion school in 2024/2025!|23/05/2024 13:34:54
Exciting New Research on School PE Kit Policies|21/05/2024 14:51:10
REMINDER - DSL Network Meeting|21/05/2024 12:47:23
Apprenticeships and courses through Skills for Work, Bradford Council|21/05/2024 09:07:59
Training for staff, volunteers and parents/guardians.|21/05/2024 09:07:46
Opportunity for casual clerk work |20/05/2024 14:27:41
Road Safety Presentation - West Yorkshire Police |17/05/2024 15:06:25
Summer School Census 2024|17/05/2024 11:18:27
P60s for 2023-24 are now available|16/05/2024 12:53:54
"With Nature" Family Day|15/05/2024 15:07:00
"Dreams and songs to sing"- |15/05/2024 15:03:44
Putting Yourself In the Picture|15/05/2024 15:03:33
The Myths and Legends of Bolling Hall|15/05/2024 15:03:23
Pop up swimming pools |15/05/2024 14:15:18
Walk to School Week 20-24 May|15/05/2024 14:10:18
St Edmund's Early Years Stronger Practice Hub Spring Conference!|15/05/2024 14:10:04
Emma Johnson and The Orchestra For The Environment - Tree of Life|15/05/2024 09:52:57
STEMFEST |14/05/2024 15:05:21
STEMFEST |14/05/2024 15:04:58
STEMFEST |14/05/2024 15:04:07
Free DocsPlus support and training Webinar|14/05/2024 10:54:08
Eco Film Club: Home|14/05/2024 10:54:01
Inflatable Fun Days - 2024 Summer Term. Last remaining 3 dates - Book now!|13/05/2024 11:41:15
SENCO Network Meeting|13/05/2024 08:11:23
YPO - Your Energy Contract Explained - Webinar 15th May 2024 at 10.00am|10/05/2024 13:44:10
Looking after your staff - Step2YPH can help|09/05/2024 15:44:28
Book Now: Shakespeare Remixed for KS2|09/05/2024 09:50:29
Technical issues - Operation Encompass|09/05/2024 09:44:15
Celebrating Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month|08/05/2024 14:27:40
Educational Resources for Ascension Day and Pentecost|08/05/2024 11:16:53
School Calendar - 2025/26|07/05/2024 15:59:12
Important information |07/05/2024 13:11:37
Author of the Loving Earth visits schools.|07/05/2024 09:50:35
Apprentice Opportunities x 2 (Environmental Health)|03/05/2024 11:09:11
Book Now: Performance Poetry for Key Stages 3 & 4 |03/05/2024 11:08:35
Bradford Primary Schools Linking 2024-2025|02/05/2024 16:01:03
Year 2 - Phonics Retakes|02/05/2024 14:33:43
Moving Up to High School? Free Mental Health Webinars Available|02/05/2024 11:38:31
Senco Network|01/05/2024 15:55:17
Down Syndrome Training & Support Service May newsletter|01/05/2024 14:59:47
Coolest Projects UK|01/05/2024 12:42:10
"Dreams and songs to sing"- |01/05/2024 12:41:51
Book Now: Stand Up and Be Counted: How to Change the World|01/05/2024 11:18:13
Holiday Pay And Entitlement Reforms 1 April 2024|01/05/2024 10:27:12
Exciting news for 3 form entry schools|30/04/2024 13:50:18
DocsPlus support webinar - for those new to Docs Plus or seeking a refresh|30/04/2024 13:48:16
In Car Safety|29/04/2024 15:15:40
New RE Syllabus launch - FREE teacher training session|29/04/2024 12:35:43
Phone lines working Idle|29/04/2024 11:49:16
Bradford District Schools Football Festival 2024|29/04/2024 11:48:30
Book Now - Climate Change: From Science to Solutions|29/04/2024 11:24:22
Phone lines down|29/04/2024 11:07:38
Portage Workshop: A Small Steps Approach to learning for Children with SEND|29/04/2024 10:04:49
Bradford District Museums' & Galleries - latest newsletter|29/04/2024 10:04:17
Gypsy, Roma, Traveller Month Primary Schools Pack|25/04/2024 13:02:42
Phone lines down.|25/04/2024 13:02:30
Free event for GRT History Month hosted by the University of Sunderland |24/04/2024 10:19:46
Stanley The Sporting Samaritan looks to educate children about poverty.|23/04/2024 12:52:01
Russell Hall Primary - Phone Lines not working|23/04/2024 12:25:39
Bradford City FC Community Foundation primary school offer|23/04/2024 10:06:54
Summer School Census 2024|23/04/2024 08:27:38
BLF 2024: Limited places remaining for Primary Education Programme events|22/04/2024 13:36:16
Virtual School for Children Looked After Summer Networking Half Day Event|22/04/2024 09:37:09
Spotlight Conference 3 - EBSA - Emotionally Based School Avoidance|22/04/2024 08:26:18
There is just over 1 week remaining for you to submit your SkillsHouse Care|19/04/2024 11:23:29
New Junior parkrun - Bowling Park|19/04/2024 07:30:09
Road Safety Presentation by West Yorkshire Police |17/04/2024 15:59:46
Music & Arts Service - Music Buy Back|17/04/2024 13:57:56
Step2 YPH's offer of mental health support in schools |17/04/2024 11:17:25
Stanbury Village School|16/04/2024 15:55:34
Sufficiency Assessment and Outcome - Two Year Old Working Families |16/04/2024 15:43:52
Healthy Minds Chartermark - please put your name on our waiting list|16/04/2024 15:00:03
West Yorkshire WOW February Top Ten announced|16/04/2024 14:59:28
Bradford Literature Festival 2024: FREE Events for Secondary Students|16/04/2024 11:09:06
New Prevent Education Officer|15/04/2024 15:16:08
Music & Arts Service Data Return|15/04/2024 11:50:02
Music & Arts Service - Music Buy Back|15/04/2024 11:48:41
Free Dance workshops for EYFS or KS1 Students at Kala Sangam. |15/04/2024 08:57:48
Workshop opportunity - Osman Yousefzada exhibition at Cartwright Hall|12/04/2024 13:50:32
Celebrating Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month|12/04/2024 13:04:55
There is just over 2 weeks remaining for you to submit your SkillsHouse CTE|12/04/2024 10:44:10
Signing & Down syndrome|10/04/2024 15:37:41
EYFS Profile Assessment for Reception Teachers|10/04/2024 14:05:57
Yorkshire Dyslexia Festival|10/04/2024 11:22:30
Author of the Loving Earth visits schools.|09/04/2024 09:59:39
Down Syndrome Training & Support Service April newsletter|09/04/2024 09:59:22
government funding for DfE Senior Mental Health Lead training confirmed |09/04/2024 09:57:48
Evidence in the Classroom: Memorable Explanations|08/04/2024 14:48:01
National Justice Museum Education Courtroom Workshops for Key Stage 3 and 4|08/04/2024 10:54:42
Working Parent Entitlement Codes for Summer Term|08/04/2024 10:29:16
National Justice Museum Education Courtroom Workshops for KS2|08/04/2024 10:24:10
Docs Plus support and training webinar|08/04/2024 10:19:15
National Justice Museum Education Courtroom Workshops for KS3 & KS4|08/04/2024 09:49:48
National Justice Museum Education Courtroom Workshops for Key Stage 2|08/04/2024 09:49:34
SkillsHouse Careers & Technical Education Awards 2024 - Nominations open|05/04/2024 14:31:47
2 Year Old Vacancy Survey|05/04/2024 11:45:40
Music & Arts Service - Art Buy Back|05/04/2024 10:21:11
Raspberry Pi's Coolest Projects event is coming to Bradford.|02/04/2024 14:56:41
Prevent Education Officer Contact Details|02/04/2024 14:55:19
Bradford schools to benefit from a £600,000 boost to wellbeing and literacy|02/04/2024 09:29:43
Updated suspension and exclusions model letters|27/03/2024 15:21:56
Positive Handling Training Sandy Lane Primary School|22/03/2024 12:34:11
Healthy Minds Chartermark Award Ceremony Midland Hotel Confirmed|22/03/2024 12:34:00
2 Year Old Vacancy Survey|22/03/2024 11:46:28
Bradford Literature Festival 2024: book your students' spaces|22/03/2024 11:44:41
Assessment Data Collection Arrangements 2024|22/03/2024 11:34:24
IMT Traded Service 2023-24 subscriptions due to cease on 31st March 2024|22/03/2024 11:17:50
Wraparound Childcare Programme |22/03/2024 11:17:21
Grant funding for schools and community groups for outdoor education|21/03/2024 16:38:53
NATRE Personal Knowledge in RE Survey|21/03/2024 16:05:12
LifeSavers Financial Education |21/03/2024 09:49:07
Young carers survey|20/03/2024 15:07:17
Phone Lines Restored|20/03/2024 13:30:21
Phone and Internet issues at Margaret McMillan Primary School|20/03/2024 09:49:44
Sandy Lane Primary School - Positive Handling Training - 16th May 2024|19/03/2024 13:27:25
Cultural Climate Symposium returns to Bradford Cathedral|19/03/2024 12:09:20
Bradford Cathedral Family Activities return for the 2024 Easter Holiday|19/03/2024 11:16:18
Messy Easter returns to Bradford Cathedral|19/03/2024 10:48:55
Sustainability Events and Support for Schools|18/03/2024 17:01:57
Cycle Safety around schools –|15/03/2024 14:48:13
Healthy Minds Chartermark 24-25 Sign up for next year!|15/03/2024 14:48:04
Peter and the Wolf|15/03/2024 10:14:33
WOW Living Streets Walk to School Challenge|15/03/2024 10:07:13
Born in Bradford: Age of Wonder 6-Month Update|15/03/2024 09:16:06
FM Services New April 2024 Primary Menus|14/03/2024 09:06:23
Tackling the impact of violent and extremist narratives on young people.|13/03/2024 15:40:58
Prevent Train the Trainer - 21 March, 13 00 - 15 00 via Temas|13/03/2024 15:40:45
Easter break attendance treat - Special offer - Book now!!!|13/03/2024 09:13:32
Notification of New School Meals Prices from 1st April 2024|12/03/2024 08:54:13
New Working Families Entitlement Information|12/03/2024 08:48:23
Tommorow- Tuesday 12th, Clicker support webinar, still time to register!|11/03/2024 14:21:54
Book Now: Bradford Literature Festival 2024 Education Programme|11/03/2024 13:46:02
Educational resources available for Holy Week and Easter|11/03/2024 13:45:43
Bradford District Pupil Voice Survey|08/03/2024 16:58:04
Working Parent Entitlement Codes for Summer Term|08/03/2024 14:52:12
Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) - free training for parents|08/03/2024 14:51:51
Ingleborough Hall|08/03/2024 11:13:07
Beckfoot Priestthorpe Phone lines not working |08/03/2024 10:02:08
FREE Hip Hop vs Shakespeare Workshop at Keighley Library|08/03/2024 10:01:55
Publication of 2024/25 funding and budget information|08/03/2024 09:20:16
Statutory Assessment over the summer holidays|06/03/2024 14:26:48
Cycle Instructor Training|06/03/2024 12:19:57
Apprenticeships and courses through Skills for Work, Bradford Council|06/03/2024 12:19:41
Educational Psychology EARLY BIRD offer ending Soon|04/03/2024 16:28:54
Educational Resources for International Women's Day 2024|04/03/2024 16:21:11
Down Syndrome Training & Support Service March newsletter|04/03/2024 16:21:03
Easter HAF bookings now open|01/03/2024 15:58:09
Wycliffe CE Primary phones now working|01/03/2024 15:37:37
Built Environment SLA |01/03/2024 11:40:36
Multiplication Tables Check |01/03/2024 11:34:31
DSL 2 day training - booking deadline 4 March|01/03/2024 11:33:47
Phones lines down at Wycliffe CE Primary School|01/03/2024 08:37:49
Easter Football Camps at Bradford City |29/02/2024 15:25:01
Bradford City Open Trials |29/02/2024 12:24:09
School Nurse Team advertisement in the pupil school planners for 24-25|28/02/2024 11:22:49
Sibling group leader training|27/02/2024 14:38:02
Author of the Loving Earth visits schools.|27/02/2024 09:37:22
Consultation at Carlton Mills -lowering the age range to include 2yr olds |27/02/2024 09:14:54
Bradford Literature Festival 2024: book your students' spaces|26/02/2024 14:20:41
Free DocsPlus support webinar Monday 15th April 2:45pm-3:30pm|26/02/2024 12:08:37
Spotlight Conference - Reading: From Learning to Read to Reading to Learn|26/02/2024 09:39:16
SENCO Network Meeting|26/02/2024 09:38:50
Surveying attitudes and behaviours towards reading amongst your pupils.|23/02/2024 13:44:35
News on our training|22/02/2024 15:56:56
Nominations now open for 2024 Bradford Sports Awards|22/02/2024 12:27:02
Sandy Lane Primary School - Positive Handling Training - 14th March 2024|22/02/2024 08:42:49
Data Protection Network for Bradford Schools|22/02/2024 08:42:37
Back for 2024, the Bradford Faith Trail: A Unique Opportunity|22/02/2024 08:42:21
WOW Weekend Takeover|21/02/2024 15:36:24
Writing moderation for year groups|21/02/2024 13:10:01
Making robust maths assessments.|21/02/2024 13:09:46
Statutory Monitoring and Moderation Briefing|21/02/2024 13:09:32
Phonics Screening - Statutory Monitoring|21/02/2024 13:09:17
Statutory Monitoring of Y6 SATs and Moderation of Y6 Writing |21/02/2024 13:09:02
RIDING LIGHTS THEATRE COMPANY presents The Narrow Road by Paul Birch|21/02/2024 09:37:09
Bradford Baby Bank referrals|21/02/2024 09:00:35
Improving Participation & Destinations in Bradford: Information Sessions|20/02/2024 17:08:21
Author of the Loving Earth visits schools.|20/02/2024 13:31:06
BBC Radio Leeds Make a Difference Awards|20/02/2024 11:41:47
The Bridge Project - One 80 Young Person’s Alcohol & Drug Service|20/02/2024 10:07:00
Join the FREE ‘Learn to code with Code Club’ programme|20/02/2024 10:06:35
Ilkley Grammar School Travel Arrangements consultation|19/02/2024 14:40:28
Free Clicker support/training webinar Tuesday 12th March 3:30-4:15pm|19/02/2024 13:12:55
Cyber Explorers Cup 2024 - New Competition for 11-14 year-olds |19/02/2024 11:56:26
Healthy Minds Chartermark 24-25 + DfE Senior Mental Health Lead Course|19/02/2024 09:27:27
Early Years Pupil Premium lists for Spring 23-24|19/02/2024 08:38:55
INFORMATION: Working Parent Entitlement Codes|16/02/2024 12:24:18
Creative Skill Careers Fair at Cartwright Hall, 6 March|16/02/2024 10:04:21
Masterclass all about the Choral and Organ Awards at Oxbridge|16/02/2024 09:16:42
Schools Invited to a Free Organ Performance of ‘Peter and the Wolf'|13/02/2024 11:01:29
Book your spaces on the Bradford Literature Festival Education Programme|12/02/2024 15:19:44
School Resources for Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday|12/02/2024 13:44:20
Limited spaces left for free family activities at Bradford Cathedral|12/02/2024 11:33:19
Last chance to apply for CathedralSing!|09/02/2024 10:32:08
Fundamentals for Inclusion - Free courses for schools - Academic year 23/24|09/02/2024 09:38:06
Join the ‘Learn to code with Code Club’ programme.|08/02/2024 15:34:27
"Bounce Planet" Summer outdoor inflatables fundraising event offer! |08/02/2024 13:21:59
Energy Price Forecast|08/02/2024 12:10:07
Girls School Football Festival - Years 3, 4, 5 and 6|07/02/2024 15:13:53
"The Bradford Challenge" - Miniature High-Speed Locomotive Competition|06/02/2024 17:12:54
Healthy Minds Chartermark 24-25|06/02/2024 14:11:07
Dragons' Den Activity for KS4 & KS5|05/02/2024 13:11:37
Government Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Schemes|05/02/2024 11:31:28
Author of the Loving Earth visits schools.|05/02/2024 10:35:40
Bradford Council Budget Proposals 2024-25 consultation - Take Part|05/02/2024 10:07:39
DfE Approved Senior Mental Health Leads Training 2024 - Bradford course|02/02/2024 12:15:51
Worth Valley Primary School - Phones Lines|02/02/2024 09:41:01
New SEND service offered to Bradford families |02/02/2024 09:34:54
Prevent Documents - referrals and guidance|02/02/2024 09:33:37
Training and Down syndrome|02/02/2024 09:33:14
Down Syndrome Training & Support Service February newsletter|02/02/2024 09:32:57
Inflatable Fun Days - 2024 Summer Term. Last remaining 7 dates - Book now!|01/02/2024 11:57:44
Moderation and Assessment Training|01/02/2024 09:51:39
Westminster CofE Primary Academy - Phone lines now working|30/01/2024 14:30:04
Music & Arts Service Annual Conference|30/01/2024 13:30:09
Spring term training opportunities and student workshops|30/01/2024 13:29:39
Bradford City Football Camps February Half Term|30/01/2024 13:29:01
Sandy Lane Primary School - Positive Handling Training - 14th March 2024|30/01/2024 09:20:29
Virtual Launch - New Contracts & Services for 2024|26/01/2024 17:17:10
Jump Aboard (Free parent and carer drop-in session with an Ed Psych)|26/01/2024 12:20:50
Author of the Loving Earth visits schools.|24/01/2024 19:28:54
Female Genital Mutilation awareness event |24/01/2024 11:49:56
Phone lines down|24/01/2024 09:34:04
Discover more about Holocaust Memorial Day with resources from Bradford Cat|23/01/2024 09:34:24
School Resources for Candlemas - available now|22/01/2024 14:47:44
February Half-Term Family Activities|19/01/2024 15:26:26
Introduction to Shakespeare (Workshop)|19/01/2024 12:58:38
Roma Stars Exhibition|19/01/2024 11:32:00
Practical Strategies and Support - Support Staff Training 23/24 |19/01/2024 11:31:34
Bradford Academy Resourced Provision closed|18/01/2024 11:10:39
Opportunity for students to visit a Creative Skills Careers Fair|17/01/2024 11:00:24
Brad Starz – Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) Youth Forum|17/01/2024 09:20:39
Education In-school Visits from the National Holocaust Centre and Museum |16/01/2024 09:34:21
Educational Psychology Traded Services 2024 - 25|15/01/2024 14:51:45
Educational Psychology Traded Services 2024 - 25|15/01/2024 14:50:58
Consultation to lower the Age Range of All Saints CE Primary School |15/01/2024 14:50:34
Appleton Academy Recruitment Open Evening|12/01/2024 14:16:07
DfE Approved Senior Mental Health Leads Training 2024 - Bradford course|12/01/2024 13:28:32
Consultation to change admission arrangements at Trinity All Saints CE|12/01/2024 09:37:02
Early Years Consultation for 2024-25 is now live|10/01/2024 15:34:38
Exam Invigilators|10/01/2024 14:59:49
Author of the Loving Earth visits schools.|10/01/2024 12:39:46
SFVS training for staff (& governors) Tue 16 Jan 10am - face to face|10/01/2024 12:39:02
February half term attendance treat - Special offer - Book now!!!|10/01/2024 12:20:14
Gas Leak - What to do in an Emergency |10/01/2024 11:21:07
BRAD STARZ – Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND Youth Forum).|10/01/2024 11:16:24
Foxhill Primary School|10/01/2024 11:08:02
Schools Fishing Opportunity - Bradford Community Play & Development Service|10/01/2024 11:07:50
Issues accessing |10/01/2024 09:56:10
Phone Lines down|09/01/2024 13:03:58
Foxhill Primary School|09/01/2024 12:15:31
Inflatable Fun Days - 2024 Summer Term. Last remaining 8 dates - Book now!|08/01/2024 13:04:51
Training this term in the specific needs of children with Down syndrome|08/01/2024 11:38:23
Road Safety Presentation - West Yorkshire Police |05/01/2024 16:30:01
EYFS Spring Networks 23/24|05/01/2024 11:02:30
Data Sharing Agreement between Bradford Council and Schools|04/01/2024 17:26:50
Curriculum in practice Wed 21st February |04/01/2024 17:25:08
Support with School Gate Parking |04/01/2024 17:14:28
Phone lines and internet down at Hill Top CE Primary School|04/01/2024 08:44:22
FREE Introduction to Down syndrome|03/01/2024 13:24:07
No phone lines or Internet |03/01/2024 09:16:50
Academies - Statutory Moderation and Monitoring |02/01/2024 15:18:37
Free Clicker Support Webinar: Tuesday 30th January 2024 at 2:45 - 3:30pm |02/01/2024 13:28:06
Russell Hall Primary - Phone line are now working|02/01/2024 10:55:17
No phones or internet|02/01/2024 09:57:24
Safety of Women and Girls Guidance|18/12/2023 13:09:08
Messy Cathedral Crib Service returns to Bradford Cathedral|18/12/2023 13:08:56
Free Clicker Support Webinar: Tuesday 30th January 2024 at 2:45 - 3:30pm |18/12/2023 10:04:29
Consultation from Wilsden Primary School - proposal to open a nursery class|18/12/2023 10:04:20
Energy Bill Discount Scheme |18/12/2023 09:16:48
Warm Spaces across the Bradford district this winter|14/12/2023 12:02:19
Cost of Living support in the Bradford district|14/12/2023 11:56:55
Drawing Club by Greg Bottrill|13/12/2023 14:19:44
SFVS training/refresher for school staff. Tue 16 Jan 2024 10am -12noon MMT|12/12/2023 16:14:03
Science for ALL with HMI Eleanor Belfield Ofsted Science Lead|12/12/2023 15:11:59
Do you know someone who could be a museum young ambassador?|11/12/2023 14:14:18
Consultation to change admission arrangements at Westminster CofE Primary|11/12/2023 10:03:23
Perspective Lite – KS4 NPD Provisional Data Available|08/12/2023 10:18:53
Aspire to Engineer: To the Moon|07/12/2023 12:37:19
STaSS December 2023 - Newsletter|07/12/2023 09:12:20
Consultation to decrease the PAN from September 2025 Co-op Academy Grange|06/12/2023 14:10:54
Safety of Women and Girls Resources: Wow Foundation|06/12/2023 10:16:11
DfE Approved Senior Mental Health Leads Training 2024 - Bradford course|05/12/2023 16:30:32
Beckfoot Trust Admissions Consultations December 2023|05/12/2023 14:22:12
Phonics and Down syndrome|05/12/2023 13:23:28
Training Jan and Feb in the specific needs of children with Down syndrome|05/12/2023 13:23:18
Survey into training and Down syndrome|05/12/2023 13:23:03
FM News - LACA Awards 2023 Special|05/12/2023 10:05:41
Down Syndrome Training & Support Service Dec23/Jan24 newsletter|01/12/2023 15:20:05
FREE RE Network Meeting|01/12/2023 13:04:04
Sandy Lane Primary School - Positive Handling Training - 18th January 2024|30/11/2023 14:30:30
Free Clicker Support Webinar: Tuesday 30th January 2024 at 2:45 - 3:30pm |29/11/2023 11:33:28
Royal Opera House - Songs for Ukraine Chorus|28/11/2023 12:01:15
Bradford Cathedral - Advent and Christmas resources for schools|28/11/2023 09:39:13
Christmas HAF club bookings now open|27/11/2023 10:57:43
Inflatable De Luxe Santas Grotto with lights - Last chance to book!!!|27/11/2023 09:55:24
Bradford City Football Camps Christmas|24/11/2023 10:55:25
Phone lines down at Home Farm Primary School|23/11/2023 12:11:07
New Safety of Women and Girls Resources for Schools and Parents/Carers|23/11/2023 12:10:39
Free School Meals Census Data|23/11/2023 12:10:26
Special offer - 2024 Attendance reward treats! Buy one get one free!|23/11/2023 12:07:11
BRAD STARZ – Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND Youth Forum). |22/11/2023 14:39:30
Funding Opportunity for School Visits to Bolton Abbey|22/11/2023 11:00:52
Youth Voice - Young Ambassador opportunity |20/11/2023 14:36:46
EYFS - Developing Early Writing|20/11/2023 09:31:57
Schools fishing - Open days invitation! |17/11/2023 15:13:16
Bradford Academy Trust- Admissions Consultation|17/11/2023 13:20:18
UPN Finder|17/11/2023 13:20:07
INFORMATION: 30 Hour Codes for the Spring Term|17/11/2023 13:19:47
Inflatable Fun Days - 2024 Summer. Last remaining 11 dates - Book now!|17/11/2023 11:19:04
Train the Trainer: Free media literacy program|16/11/2023 10:51:51
Brake Road Safety Week Speed Lesson Resource For Schools |16/11/2023 10:04:56
Free Numeracy Ambassador Training |16/11/2023 10:04:39
Bradford author visits schools|16/11/2023 10:04:26
Age of Wonder: Data Dashboard for Senior Leadership Webinar |15/11/2023 15:27:46
Free Clicker Support Webinar: Tuesday 30th January 2024 at 2:45 - 3:30pm |15/11/2023 15:10:22
Conflict Zone|15/11/2023 11:43:06
Inflatable De Luxe Santas Grotto available to hire with twinkling lights!!!|15/11/2023 10:30:37
Teachers & LGPS Pay Award (Universal Credit)|15/11/2023 10:17:26
Consultation - Proposal to increase PAN & Admission policy Carlton Keighley|14/11/2023 13:42:04
Appleton Academy Phone Lines are Down|14/11/2023 08:08:10
Creative Careers week 13th –17th November |13/11/2023 16:26:30
Bradford Cathedral educational resources for Interfaith Week|13/11/2023 11:40:09
Free online touch typing programme - Participate in Turbo Typing research!|13/11/2023 10:19:56
Free Clicker Support Webinar: Tuesday 14th November at 2:45 - 3:30pm |13/11/2023 09:50:25
Consultation on Proposal to Reduce PAN at Appleton Academy|13/11/2023 09:50:13
Consultation on Proposal to Reduce PAN at Margaret McMillan Primary School|13/11/2023 09:50:01
Consultation on proposal to reduce the PAN at Ingrow Primary School|13/11/2023 09:49:49
Consultation on proposal to reduce the PAN at Hoyle Court Primary|13/11/2023 09:49:34
Phonelines down at Silsden Primary School|13/11/2023 09:08:15
Free books and linked resources for whole year 5|10/11/2023 11:55:28
Healthy Minds is your first step to mental health support in the district|10/11/2023 11:40:49
New College Bradford Open Evening - Tuesday 14 November 2023, 4.30pm-7.30pm|09/11/2023 14:25:03
Emergency clerking cover service |09/11/2023 13:11:50
Sandy Lane Primary School - Positive Handling Training - 23rd November 2023|08/11/2023 18:53:23
"Cyber Coach Smart" Special Offer - Buy One Day, Get One Day Free!|08/11/2023 12:27:12
HLTA Training Programme |08/11/2023 11:54:38
The YES project -working across 15 secondary schools|07/11/2023 11:27:59
Remembrance and Peace resources for schools are now available|07/11/2023 09:41:27
Tech Fest 2023 workshop opportunities for Key Stages 2-4|06/11/2023 13:14:15
Tech Fest 2023 free event opportunities|06/11/2023 13:14:00
Northern Gas Networks’ Young Innovators Council 2024 application |06/11/2023 11:25:26
Register for your free BBC micro:bits now!|06/11/2023 10:34:50
'Broadford to Bradford' arriving in primary schools this week!|06/11/2023 09:31:18
The Portage Workshop - Small Steps Approach to Learning for children|06/11/2023 09:30:59
BRAKE Road Safety Week 19-25 November 2023|03/11/2023 12:34:39
Details of services for Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday|03/11/2023 09:50:23
Teaching number skills beyond 10, time and money|02/11/2023 15:08:28
Specsavers|02/11/2023 15:07:46
Down Syndrome Training & Support Service November newsletter|02/11/2023 15:07:24
Early Years Pupil Premium lists for Autumn 2023|02/11/2023 14:26:56
30 Hour Code Audit required|02/11/2023 13:14:47
Inflatable Fun Days - 2024 Summer. Last remaining 13 dates - Book now!|01/11/2023 12:49:36
Head Teacher Briefing Statutory Monitoring and Moderation 2023/24|31/10/2023 16:04:47
Bradford teacher publishes first children's book.|31/10/2023 11:21:00
Bradford Tech Careers Launchpad, 8th November 2 pm - University of Bradford|30/10/2023 17:07:37
Reading Language Intervention and Down syndrome|30/10/2023 17:07:22
Youth Advisory Group on policing, crime and community safety |27/10/2023 08:24:36
Policing and Crime Youth Survey 2023/24|27/10/2023 08:17:10
Just Like Us|26/10/2023 09:26:32
Spotlight Conference 1 - Neurodiversity|23/10/2023 12:29:23
Dietrich Bonhoeffer - General Resource for Schools|23/10/2023 12:28:55
Proposed Admissions Arrangements 2025|23/10/2023 08:54:06
Proposed Admissions Arrangements 2025|23/10/2023 08:53:44
Newby Primary School telephone system is working again|23/10/2023 08:53:25
Be Bright Be Seen 2023|20/10/2023 13:26:39
Sandy Lane Primary School - Positive Handling Training - 23rd November 2023|20/10/2023 12:18:10
Teaching Phase One Phonics in the EYFS|20/10/2023 10:53:44
Bradford Libraries Survey|20/10/2023 10:30:52
Free Safety of Women and Girls Guidance|20/10/2023 08:40:34
Newby Primary School telephone line not working|19/10/2023 15:09:52
Fully Funded Trauma Informed Schools RCT Training For Secondary Schools|18/10/2023 13:02:24
Chat Health|18/10/2023 10:46:05
Free Online Safety Live 2024 - Thursday 25 January |17/10/2023 13:33:45
Computing subject leader courses: Hands on face to face CPD|17/10/2023 13:33:29
7 year consultation for admissions to Bingley Grammar School|16/10/2023 12:19:55
Free webinar from Bradford Research School: Working Memory and Writing|16/10/2023 09:26:38
BD is LIT - Bradford's free light festival! |13/10/2023 13:55:59
DSL Events 2023 - 2024|13/10/2023 11:58:56
Online Safety Mark overview short session - Face to face 19 October|13/10/2023 09:23:42
Phone Lines not working|13/10/2023 09:23:21
Israel / Palestine Conflict - Guidance and resources for schools|12/10/2023 17:01:15
FM News - Issue 9|12/10/2023 11:54:22
"Daily Mile" Reward Treat - "Whacky Mile Inflatable Assault Course" |12/10/2023 11:47:24
Consultations for Formula Funding Arrangements 2024/25|11/10/2023 11:18:05
Exceed Academies Trust - Admissions Arrangements Consultation for 2025-2026|11/10/2023 10:31:57
Age of Wonder project update|10/10/2023 15:39:22
Model Engine Marvels - Fri 20/10/2023 (9am-4pm)|10/10/2023 14:47:51
Games Development - Digital Skills Camp & Digital Skilla Fair at EXA's HQ|10/10/2023 14:47:31
Minibus Required|10/10/2023 13:28:23
Safety of Women and Girls Resources|10/10/2023 08:38:24
DfE Senior Mental Health Leads Training 2023-24: update on who can apply|09/10/2023 08:43:54
All Aboard - Early Intervention in the Early Years|09/10/2023 08:42:49
Bradford Libraries Rhyme Challenge 2023-24|06/10/2023 10:48:20
UPN Finder|06/10/2023 08:39:51
Introduction to Teacher Training (Online)|05/10/2023 16:59:45
Digital Leader Academy opportunity - 2 places remaining Cohort 1 2023|05/10/2023 16:19:47
Schools Fishing Opportunity - Bradford Community Play & Development Service|05/10/2023 16:16:55
Availability at the the Outdoor Education Centres|03/10/2023 16:41:05
Remembering Srebrenica Panel Discussion 8 July 2024, 9 30 – 11 30|03/10/2023 16:40:56
Training to support the teaching of writing at Y2|02/10/2023 14:13:53
Supporting the teaching of writing at Y3.|02/10/2023 14:13:40
Inflatable Fun Days - 2024 Summer. Last remaining 14 dates - Book now!|02/10/2023 13:32:24
Modern Slavery Victims Voices Exhibition Professionals Event|02/10/2023 13:32:08
Clean Air Schools Programme Expression of Interest - NOW OPEN|02/10/2023 11:32:13
BMW - Model Engine Marvels|02/10/2023 11:32:03
October 2022 newsletter from the Down Syndrome Training & Support Service|02/10/2023 10:15:07
Project Hope - applications open now|29/09/2023 16:07:06
NCCE Implementing the Teach Computing Curriculum in your school - 10 Oct|29/09/2023 10:04:07
Bradford Manufacturing Weeks 2023 (BMW) Site Tour Opportunities|28/09/2023 16:12:55
Careers Unlocked Public & Professional Sector Event 12 October|28/09/2023 14:02:41
INSPIRE Year 9 RE Conference|28/09/2023 11:33:26
Y1 writing - strategies to support quality first teaching|27/09/2023 13:03:53
50 Things to Do Ages Five to Eleven Information Sessions |26/09/2023 12:31:52
Phone Line at Midland Road Nursery School |26/09/2023 11:22:30
Bradford Manuracturing Weeks|25/09/2023 14:13:10