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Admission of Summer Born Children|03/11/2022 15:02:35
Determination of Admission Arrangements|03/11/2022 15:02:49
Free School Meals
School Admission Priority Areas|26/09/2022 09:55:50
School Policies and Supplementary Information Form|26/01/2023 10:23:23
Behaviour|13/01/2023 09:06:11
Alternative Provision|13/01/2023 09:06:11
Alternative Provision Quality Assurance Checklist|23/09/2022 09:31:35
Behaviour & Attendance Collaboratives|03/01/2023 08:21:11
Behaviour in schools|09/09/2022 16:35:54
Exclusions & Suspensions|13/12/2022 16:58:37
Advice and Support to Governors|15/09/2022 15:25:51
Exclusions and suspensions|13/12/2022 16:55:31
Templates, Letters, Forms & Guidance|13/12/2022 16:58:37
Preventative measures to school exclusion|31/10/2022 08:06:24
Pupil Referral Units|31/08/2022 08:56:12
Buildings|03/01/2023 15:58:04
Education Buildings|22/04/2022 13:24:48
About Education Buildings|11/02/2022 09:09:06
Asbestos|11/02/2022 09:10:46
Ceilings|11/02/2022 09:11:58
Construction Design Management|22/04/2022 13:24:48
Essential School Maintenance|11/02/2022 09:10:19
Illegal Encampments On School Sites|11/02/2022 09:09:25
Legionella Statutory Duty|11/02/2022 09:08:42
School Building Works Notification|11/02/2022 09:09:44
Swimming Pools|14/01/2022 10:11:03
Energy|03/01/2023 15:58:04
Fire Safety|07/10/2022 09:32:52
Property Management|07/10/2022 09:17:19
Recycling and Waste|16/12/2022 10:12:30
Venues|16/12/2022 09:01:57
Communications|02/12/2022 09:06:58
Acronyms in Education|02/12/2022 09:06:58
Communications toolkit and guidance for schools|01/07/2022 09:38:36
DCIS Newsletter|04/05/2022 17:02:12
Voluntary and Community Organisations|04/09/2022 11:51:45
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CPD & Courses|18/01/2023 12:43:38
HLTA Information and Application Form |18/01/2023 12:43:38
National Leaders in Education (NLE)|18/01/2023 12:40:06
Support Services Courses|19/12/2022 08:26:53
Curriculum & Assessment|27/01/2023 10:10:36
14 – 19 Strategy|19/02/2020 15:17:02
Action for Sport|18/11/2022 09:04:22
Assessment|05/12/2022 13:14:55
EYFS|15/09/2022 10:24:08
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Music & Arts Service - Buy Back|27/01/2023 10:10:36
Outdoor Education Centres|10/11/2022 13:18:46
Speak Out|21/10/2022 12:16:23
Data Guidance for Schools|10/01/2023 14:40:01
Lost Exam Certificates|12/08/2022 09:33:42
School Data|27/01/2023 09:19:42
Data Sharing Agreement|11/11/2022 10:56:20
IMT Traded Service|27/01/2023 09:19:42
School holidays and term dates|10/01/2023 14:40:01
School Statutory Collections|05/01/2023 09:07:03
Assessment Data Collection|17/06/2022 13:54:37
School Census|05/01/2023 09:07:03
Early Years Service|17/01/2023 09:16:18
30 Hours Extended Entitlement|04/11/2022 09:31:21
Workforce Development & Training|17/01/2023 09:16:18
Education and Learning|27/01/2023 09:37:34
Action and accountability|27/01/2023 09:37:12
Intervention|27/01/2023 09:37:27
Introduction|27/01/2023 09:36:56
Monitoring and challenge|27/01/2023 09:37:19
Traded services|27/01/2023 09:37:34
Who are we|27/01/2023 09:37:04
Education Partnerships Team|21/12/2022 14:33:53
About Us|02/11/2022 12:08:13
Business Champions|01/12/2022 07:54:24
Community Champions|21/12/2022 14:33:53
Sports Champions|03/11/2022 14:09:23
Education Safeguarding|04/01/2023 17:23:58
Attendance|27/01/2023 09:21:42
Attendance Resources and Network Information|08/12/2022 11:42:39
Guidance for Schools on Religious Observance during Term-Time|27/01/2023 09:21:42
Modified / Part-Time Timetables|07/09/2022 09:53:27
Penalty Notices|25/10/2022 15:39:00
Persistent Absence Team|15/09/2022 11:03:22
Staged Intervention Approach to Poor Attendance|30/09/2022 11:45:03
Child Licensing|09/09/2022 10:21:48
Child Employment|09/09/2022 10:21:48
Child Performance|09/09/2022 10:15:20
Education Access|24/11/2022 15:36:42
Children missing education|24/11/2022 15:36:42
Off Roll Guidance and Notifications|07/09/2022 10:54:53
Transition|25/10/2022 15:30:52
Education Safeguarding Team|01/09/2022 12:03:43
Elective Home Education|04/01/2023 17:23:58
Managing Allegations|15/12/2022 08:59:11
Safeguarding Training|01/09/2022 12:04:07
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Educational Psychology|23/01/2023 15:17:14
About the Educational Psychology Team|23/01/2023 14:47:00
Buying Additional Time|23/01/2023 15:17:14
Courses and Training|20/09/2022 10:48:27
Critical Incident and Bereavement Support|20/09/2022 10:51:02
Education Emotional Wellbeing Practitioners Team (|19/01/2023 14:09:06
Educational Psychology Consultations|11/11/2022 12:10:59
Healthy Minds|19/01/2023 15:09:37
About Healthy Minds|09/12/2022 17:03:32
Bradford Healthy Minds Chartermark|19/01/2023 15:09:37
DfE Grant Funded Senior Mental Health Lead Trainin|10/01/2023 10:32:27
Healthy Minds Wellbeing Intervention Training|20/12/2022 15:01:39
Mental Health Champions CORE|19/01/2023 12:14:33
Mental Health Champions PLUS|30/11/2022 13:41:02
Self Harm in School|30/03/2022 14:41:46
An Introduction|30/03/2022 14:40:56
Bradford Protocol Policy for Addressing Self Harm|30/03/2022 14:41:17
Bradford Self Harm Recording Proforma|30/03/2022 14:41:26
Further Information about Self Harm|30/03/2022 14:41:37
Young Minds Worried About Self Harm|30/03/2022 14:41:46
School Based SEN Review|26/09/2022 14:47:01
Emergencies|18/11/2022 09:59:28
Activation Flowchart for Emergency Response|23/05/2022 11:18:42
Critical Incidents
Emergency call-out plan|18/11/2022 09:59:28
Emergency Management Team|23/05/2022 11:19:35
Emergency School Closures|25/10/2022 09:56:23
Equality, Diversity and Achievement|06/12/2022 12:01:40
Access Team|11/11/2022 10:23:53
Equality Act 2010 for Schools|06/07/2022 09:22:38
Festivals & Special Times|06/12/2022 12:01:40
Prevent|07/10/2022 11:06:01
Prevent Strategy|08/09/2022 13:26:53
Useful Resources & Links|07/10/2022 11:06:01
SACRE|06/12/2022 11:21:27
Bradford SACRE|26/09/2022 08:43:17
Introduction|06/07/2022 13:32:42
RE Agreed Syllabus|06/12/2022 11:21:27
Support Materials|06/12/2022 11:10:05
Supplementary Schools|06/12/2022 11:10:30
Finance|26/01/2023 15:38:07
An Introduction|14/11/2022 15:59:34
Bradford Schools Forum|11/01/2023 14:40:28
A contents guide|14/11/2022 15:57:41
Conduct of Meetings / Elections / Membership|14/11/2022 16:02:45
Consultation Papers & Roadshow Presentations|11/01/2023 14:40:28
EYWG Minutes / Remit|14/11/2022 16:04:36
FFWG Minutes / Remit|14/11/2022 16:05:11
Forum Agendas & Minutes|15/11/2022 09:58:50
DfE Section 251 Budget and Outturn Statements|14/11/2022 16:03:59
Free School Meals
Latest News & Updates|26/01/2023 15:38:07
Pupil Premium|16/12/2022 10:39:01
School Financial Procedures|15/11/2022 10:03:49
SFT Guidance|04/01/2023 16:07:23
A contents guide|14/11/2022 15:58:01
Advances Schedule|14/11/2022 16:01:30
Audit / SFVS|04/01/2023 16:07:23
Changing to Full Budget Share|14/11/2022 16:02:30
Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR)|14/11/2022 16:03:03
FAQs|14/11/2022 16:04:52
Finance Induction Documentation|14/11/2022 16:05:27
Glossary of Key Terms|15/11/2022 09:59:38
HCSS Finance Software|15/11/2022 10:00:52
SAP|07/10/2022 12:02:59
Timetable of key dates|15/11/2022 10:05:13
VAT|15/11/2022 10:06:13
Who Do I Contact|15/11/2022 10:12:37
Year End|15/11/2022 10:06:30
SFT Protocols|22/11/2022 12:08:42
SFT Services to Schools|15/11/2022 10:04:54
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Health (including Health & Safety)|27/01/2023 09:05:45
Anti Idling|28/01/2022 10:07:16
Asthma Guidance|07/11/2022 08:42:04
Control of Infection and Communicable Disease|04/11/2022 09:21:53
Health & safety guidance|02/12/2022 09:05:41
Health and Safety Training|17/01/2023 09:13:54
Heat wave planning|27/01/2023 09:05:22
Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) Programme 2021|29/11/2022 14:58:17
Public Health Guidance – Covid 19|08/12/2022 15:52:18
School Nursing Team|25/11/2022 13:43:34
Snow & Ice Clearance|27/01/2023 09:05:45
Stress Management|07/11/2022 08:42:37
Human Resources|26/10/2022 15:52:17
An Introduction to HR|26/10/2022 15:47:54
Apprenticeships for schools|27/09/2022 08:21:41
Payroll Services|25/01/2023 08:07:49
An Introduction To Payroll|21/10/2022 09:03:31
IR35 Process|07/10/2021 10:46:21
Payroll & Pension Liaison Service Resources|25/01/2023 08:07:49
Recruitment & Advertising|26/10/2022 15:48:50
Advertising|26/10/2022 15:47:26
Online Recruitment|26/10/2022 15:48:12
Recruitment Strategies|26/10/2022 15:48:50
School Workforce Census|26/10/2022 15:52:17
Vetting Service|26/10/2022 15:48:26
ICT Management|16/12/2022 09:17:45
Bradford Learning Network|16/12/2022 09:17:45
E-ICT|21/10/2022 10:59:47
Our Service Desk|17/07/2020 09:28:18
The Application Support & Training Team|01/04/2022 09:53:25
The Technical Support Team|21/10/2022 10:59:47
Information for Families & Young People|07/10/2022 09:14:20
Bradford Families Information Services|07/10/2022 09:14:20
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Leadership & Management|27/01/2023 09:37:41
Alliance for Life Chances|16/08/2022 16:24:02
Bradford Opportunity Area|15/08/2022 12:22:18
Changes to governance|15/06/2022 14:26:16
Free School Meals|15/08/2022 09:07:30
School Clothing Allowance|06/06/2022 08:35:11
School Companies|15/06/2022 14:26:49
Legal|19/12/2022 08:34:22
Copyright|19/12/2022 08:34:22
Information Security, Data Protection and Freedom|06/12/2018 11:54:21
Third-Party Licenses|16/12/2022 09:01:47
Prevention and Early Help|24/01/2023 07:45:23
About|21/09/2022 02:49:34
Parenting Programmes|24/01/2023 07:45:23
Professional Development
Early Career Teachers (ECTs) and Induction|20/01/2023 10:14:08
GDPR – Data Protocols|16/12/2022 09:57:57
Induction pack|01/12/2022 09:48:43
Induction Tutor Handbook|16/12/2022 09:57:41
Introduction|13/01/2023 09:02:27
Links|08/09/2022 12:53:42
Meetings|16/12/2022 09:57:50
News|20/01/2023 10:14:08
Resources|13/01/2023 09:02:12
Pupil Voice
School Governance & Workforce Development|18/11/2022 10:13:05
Clerking Service|18/11/2022 10:13:05
School Governor Service|04/01/2023 12:04:55
Governor Forums|31/08/2022 10:43:40
Governor Monthly Updates|02/12/2022 13:41:19
Governor Training|07/12/2022 12:24:35
Improvement Through Effective Evaluation|02/12/2022 11:59:26
Introduction to Governance|19/10/2022 15:03:15
New Governors|07/12/2022 10:43:57
Recruitment of School Governors|04/01/2023 12:04:55
Useful Documents and Information|02/12/2022 12:33:20
Useful Websites|02/12/2022 12:02:06
School Support Staff Development|05/10/2022 12:26:52
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) Training|05/10/2022 12:26:52
Pastoral Support Training|23/09/2022 13:43:03
School Organisation|14/12/2022 13:38:02
Planning Education Provision|11/10/2022 16:27:58
Primary Place Planning|14/12/2022 13:38:02
Secondary Place Planning|14/12/2022 11:47:16
SEND Place Planning|25/11/2022 10:38:27
School Travel & Visits|18/01/2023 17:40:05
Anti Idling
Cycle Training|21/10/2022 09:41:28
Educational Visits|22/04/2022 13:03:28
Home to School Travel|24/10/2022 09:22:55
Road Safety|18/01/2023 17:40:05
School Crossing Patrol|02/12/2022 09:02:49
Special Educational Needs & Disabilities|13/01/2023 08:43:08
0-25 Specialist Teaching & Support Service (STaSS)|06/01/2023 11:12:47
About 0-25 Specialist Teaching & Support Service (|16/12/2022 11:30:45
LA Resourced Provisions|07/10/2022 15:54:10
Low Incidence Team and Sensory Service|05/01/2023 09:05:06
Multi Sensory Impairment (MSI)|10/10/2022 09:48:58
Physical and Medical Team|05/01/2023 09:05:06
Support Team for Deaf Children|03/11/2022 10:33:07
Visual Impairment Team|05/09/2022 09:18:14
Medical Needs and Hospital Education Service|06/01/2023 11:12:47
Portage|07/09/2022 07:57:20
Social, Communication, Interaction & Learning (SCIL)|26/01/2023 15:36:38
About the SCIL Team|07/10/2022 16:27:22
Communication & Interaction (Autism)|16/12/2022 15:56:02
Contacts|06/01/2023 16:18:50
Early Years|07/10/2022 16:25:54
Early Years Inclusion Funding|24/01/2023 16:55:42
Learning Support (Cognition & Learning)|18/01/2023 14:50:26
Learning Support - New Baseline Assessment|09/09/2022 18:45:23
Learning Support – Dyslexia and SpLD|18/01/2023 14:52:59
Learning Support – MSL|26/01/2023 15:36:38
Nurture Groups|19/12/2022 08:26:28
Social, Emotional & Mental Health|06/01/2023 16:01:53
Airedale Speech and language Therapy|28/10/2022 17:04:13
Bradford Speech Therapy|17/10/2022 12:56:13
Direct referrals for the neurodevelopmental pathwa|13/01/2023 08:43:08
Down Syndrome Training|27/10/2022 09:30:19
School Based SEND Review|20/09/2022 10:53:01
SEN Graduated Approach|10/01/2023 10:27:33
Documentation|14/12/2022 10:30:31
Matrix of Need|17/10/2022 14:59:20
My Support Plan|10/01/2023 10:26:43
School / EY Support|10/01/2023 10:27:33
Senco Support|19/01/2023 10:52:24
Good Practice Network|10/01/2023 10:27:22
News and Updates|20/09/2022 10:53:31
Senco Networks|19/01/2023 10:52:24
Training|10/01/2023 10:27:05
SEND Outcomes Framework|05/09/2022 08:11:29
The Virtual School for Looked After Children|08/12/2022 16:25:41
Contact the Bradford Virtual School Team|15/11/2022 11:10:09
Personal Education Plans and Designated Teachers|30/11/2022 16:20:40
Policy and Guidance for schools|26/09/2022 10:03:12
Pupil Premium Plus|28/11/2022 13:01:18
Upcoming training dates|08/12/2022 16:25:41
Useful Resources for Home Learning|26/09/2022 10:09:10
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KS2 Statutory Moderation and Assessment|27/01/2023 16:08:20
KS1 Moderation and Assessment Workshop|27/01/2023 16:02:37
KS1 Statutory Moderation and Assessment|27/01/2023 16:02:23
World Book Day Thursday 2nd March|27/01/2023 14:35:07
FFT Training and Events|27/01/2023 09:41:39
Community Basketball Sessions at New College Bradford|26/01/2023 14:47:04
New College Bradford - Open Event for September 2023 entry|26/01/2023 14:46:10
SFVS - Audit team lead training - opportunity for maintained SBM|26/01/2023 10:03:14
Spotlight Conference - Vulnerable Children|25/01/2023 14:10:00
fyi site for families, young people and practioners|24/01/2023 16:36:45
Bradford Early Years Provider Portal - User Account Survey|24/01/2023 14:41:29
Ryno Furniture|24/01/2023 14:27:51
Cathedral Sing! returns|24/01/2023 14:27:26
Relationships Matter|24/01/2023 11:25:31
Educational Psychology Traded Services Brochure 2023 - 24|23/01/2023 15:26:34
LGBT+ Inclusive Resources for Schools|23/01/2023 12:49:17
Digital School Resources available for Holocaust Memorial Day and Candlemas|23/01/2023 12:12:04
Bradford Council appoints new Director of Children’s Services |23/01/2023 11:24:47
Consultation on proposal to reduce PAN at Green Lane Primary School|23/01/2023 10:18:37
Inner Wings’ Free Confidence-Building Programmes for Primary Schools|23/01/2023 09:54:42
Name Down for Healthy Minds Chartermark 2023-24|23/01/2023 09:49:03
Updated EX1 form for Suspensions and Exclusions|20/01/2023 14:55:29
Consultation on proposal to reduce PAN at Haworth Primary School|20/01/2023 13:45:05
Consultation on proposal to reduce PAN at Keighley St Andrew's CofE Primary|20/01/2023 13:44:52
What Happens Next...?|20/01/2023 12:43:20
Full First Aid Training Schedule Now Available|20/01/2023 10:23:57
Mini SCIL and Educational Psychology Course Brochures for 22/23|20/01/2023 09:11:12
SEMH - Bradford Nurture Network Meetings - Twilight sessions.|20/01/2023 09:10:53
January Newsletter from the SCIL Team for all school SENCO's|20/01/2023 09:10:28
FREE Bradford Clicker Training Event|19/01/2023 10:52:08
Reduced Priced Bradford City Tickets|18/01/2023 11:15:11
Consultation on proposal to reduce PAN at All Saints CofE Primary School|18/01/2023 09:37:42
Writing for Pleasure - 23rd January (full day), 6th & 27th March (Mornings)|18/01/2023 09:37:23
CPD FOR EDUCATORS – SKILLSHOUSE PORTAL TRAINING 26th January 2023, 3:30pm |17/01/2023 12:54:31
First Aid Combined Pediatric & Adult First Aid |17/01/2023 09:39:30
FM News - Issue 6|16/01/2023 15:35:57
What is the Prevent Duty?|13/01/2023 15:48:23
REMINDER - DSL Network Meetings|13/01/2023 12:42:00
Free dual language books for Ukrainian Families |13/01/2023 11:21:33
Still time to enter the City of Bradford Festival of Talent 2022-23|13/01/2023 09:37:28
Phone Lines Down|13/01/2023 09:36:31
Let's Make it Visual - developing skills in children who have Down syndrome|12/01/2023 16:50:13
Signing and children with Down syndrome|12/01/2023 16:46:15
Trauma-Informed Bradford Schools|12/01/2023 14:10:06
Gas Update – January 2023|12/01/2023 10:46:13
Consultation for Early Years Funding 2023/24 is now published|11/01/2023 13:49:06
Inflatable Fun Days - 2023 Summer. Last remaining 12 dates - Book now!|11/01/2023 10:26:10
OIAMFS Phone Lines Down|11/01/2023 09:13:49
Bradford Libraries Rhyme Challenge 2022-23|10/01/2023 16:09:50
9th Annual Music Conference: The Power of Music to Change Lives|10/01/2023 16:09:40
New updated Portage Training from the National Portage Association (NPA) |10/01/2023 14:29:46
Funding Opportunity for School Visits to Bolton Abbey|10/01/2023 13:44:19
Westminster CofE Primary Academy - Phone lines intermittent|10/01/2023 11:59:03
Shipley College Open Event|10/01/2023 11:01:56
ECT induction registrations|10/01/2023 11:01:45
Music & Arts Service- Bradford Schools Funding Opportunity|09/01/2023 14:53:09
Section 5 Ofsted Inspection|09/01/2023 13:41:45
Building writing stamina using short films CPD - Philip Webb & Tim Bleazard|09/01/2023 12:49:47
Relationships Matter|06/01/2023 14:46:20
EYFS training events|06/01/2023 14:44:52
URGENT -OVERDUE* Data Sharing Agreement between Bradford Council and Schoo|06/01/2023 12:47:35
School Calendars|06/01/2023 09:31:33
Free UK Safer Internet Centre Online Safety Live - Innovation Centre 17 Jan|06/01/2023 09:27:21
Young people's survey about homes and streets in Bradford|05/01/2023 16:05:11
BiB Age of Wonder: Mental Health and Wellbeing Webinar|05/01/2023 13:18:12
Home Office Prevent Duty Guidance Consultation|05/01/2023 09:20:21
Spring School Census 2023|05/01/2023 09:20:03
Children's Mental Health Week - Free Webinars 6th - 12th Feb|04/01/2023 14:20:39
Power cut|04/01/2023 10:36:27
Schools Financial Value Standard Training Sessions|04/01/2023 09:45:56
Digital Leader Academy opportunity - Cohort 1 starts Jan 2023|04/01/2023 09:39:54
School Catering and Cleaning Client Satisfaction Survey: Sep to Dec 2022|03/01/2023 15:05:02
Pastoral Training for Support Staff - Price Reduction|03/01/2023 11:20:19
SFVS Training for School Staff and Webinar for Governors|21/12/2022 11:39:01
Free financial education resources for primary schools |21/12/2022 09:51:55
Messy Crib returns to Bradford Cathedral|19/12/2022 16:42:36
New campaign- ‘It’s a GP Practice Thing’|19/12/2022 12:11:11
Wishing you a festive break and a very Happy New Year!|19/12/2022 09:26:44
DSL Network Meetings *Save the Date* |16/12/2022 11:50:33
Medical Needs and Hospital Education Service & S19 Provision |16/12/2022 11:20:53
Dixons Manningham Phone Lines Down|15/12/2022 13:44:36
Courtroom Workshops for Key Stage 2|15/12/2022 12:42:53
Courtroom Workshops for KS3 & KS4|15/12/2022 12:42:41
Low Ash Primary School|15/12/2022 10:49:53
Meeting digital and technology standards in schools and colleges|13/12/2022 11:46:02
SCIL Course Venues & Training Times to Change in 2023|13/12/2022 08:58:21
St Edmund’s EY Hub: Leading Stronger Practice across Yorkshire and Humber|13/12/2022 08:58:04
Moderation workshops|09/12/2022 14:31:56
Admissions Consultation|08/12/2022 12:32:12
BiB: Age of Wonder research study|07/12/2022 09:36:07
Deadline past for returning Electricity Contracts|07/12/2022 09:29:41
Down Syndrome Training & Support Service December 22 & January 23 newslette|02/12/2022 15:17:40
Consultation on proposal to reduce PAN at Beckfoot Nessfield Primary School|02/12/2022 15:17:23
Governor Training Programme Spring 2023|02/12/2022 13:33:25
Changes to 'BTS' email address|02/12/2022 11:56:11
Consultation on proposal to reduce the PAN at Eldwick Primary School|01/12/2022 13:45:53
LAST CHANCE TO BOOK, TODAY!!! Inflatable De Luxe Santas Grotto with lights|01/12/2022 10:01:44
Consultation on proposal to reduce PAN at The Holy Family Catholic School |01/12/2022 09:00:03
Lucy Faithfull Safer Recruitment in Education|01/12/2022 08:43:20
Energy Bill updates|01/12/2022 08:41:57
Bradford District Care Trust- School Nurse Service|30/11/2022 13:21:00
DfE Connect The Classroom - next steps|30/11/2022 11:34:38
December Football Camps with Bradford City FC Community Foundation|30/11/2022 10:41:42
Free Wild Escape Sessions in Your School|29/11/2022 15:44:17
OVERDUE* Data Sharing Agreement between Bradford Council and School|25/11/2022 11:16:22
Supporting Effective Assessment at Y2 in Reading, Writing and Maths|25/11/2022 10:09:53
LGS Pay Award 2022 - Information for staff in receipt of Universal Credit|24/11/2022 15:28:12
Telephone lines down at Wellington Primary School|24/11/2022 09:53:06
Early Years Professional Development Programme |23/11/2022 12:33:10
University of Bradford Moc Court Trial Competition|23/11/2022 12:32:33
2simple Showcase - The Innovation Centre Bradford Tue 6 Dec|23/11/2022 11:17:34
IFD Conversations Based Approach |23/11/2022 10:57:02
HAF2022 Christmas of Fun - communications help for participating schools|22/11/2022 19:21:41
Code Clubs|22/11/2022 19:01:51
30 Hours Free Childcare|22/11/2022 14:07:41
Progression in Computer Science - Tue 6 Dec|22/11/2022 12:13:28
Primary School Poster Competition - closing date 25th November 2022|22/11/2022 10:28:02
EYFS Network Events|22/11/2022 09:44:09
Primary Teacher STEM CPD Event|21/11/2022 16:23:10
TRAINING DATES 2023|21/11/2022 13:38:28
Operation Encompass - Update|21/11/2022 12:23:53
Operation Encompass delay|21/11/2022 09:59:34
Creating safe learning spaces with Google for Education webinar - 24 Nov|18/11/2022 14:08:00
Inflatable Fun Days - 2023 Summer treat for pupils and staff!|18/11/2022 11:11:01
Help shape the future of housing in Bradford District|18/11/2022 10:59:35
2023 (HAF) Holiday Activities & Food Programme Inflatable / Resource Hire|18/11/2022 10:33:25
Spotlight Conference - Improving outcomes for all: The Thinking & the Doing|18/11/2022 09:00:10
50 Things Primary and Before Five Workshops|17/11/2022 16:01:15
The City of Bradford Festival of Talent 2022-23|17/11/2022 15:34:20
Inter Faith Week at Bradford Cathedral|16/11/2022 08:57:10
Connect The Classroom - introductory webinar 22 Nov 14:00-15:00 |15/11/2022 14:08:11
British vocal ensemble VOCES8 to be Underneath the Stars|15/11/2022 10:12:05
Proposal to lower the age range at Wilsden Primary School to 3 years old.|14/11/2022 15:22:40
Inflatable De Luxe Santas Grotto available to hire with twinkling lights!!!|14/11/2022 11:17:28
7 year consultation for Dixons Manningham and Dixons Marchbank academies|14/11/2022 10:51:33
Consultation on changes to admissions arrangements; Dixons McMillan Academy|14/11/2022 10:47:03
Consultation on changes to admission arrangements; Dixons Music Primary|14/11/2022 10:46:40
 Education Partnerships Team – Barclays LifeSkills Programme|14/11/2022 10:11:47
Exceed Academies Trust - Admissions Arrangements Consultation for 2024-2025|11/11/2022 14:22:57
Last few places for Bradford Healthy Minds Chartermark|11/11/2022 13:20:31
Brake Road Safety Week 14-20 November 2022|11/11/2022 11:56:13
No Internet and limited phone access|10/11/2022 13:08:37
Early Years Pupil Premium Lists for Autumn 2022 |10/11/2022 13:08:25
Reminder to sign your electricity contract |09/11/2022 12:05:59
Issues accessing - Wednesday 9 November - Resolved|09/11/2022 11:27:39
50 Things to Do Before You're Five Workshop|09/11/2022 11:27:29
50 Things Primary Workshop|09/11/2022 11:27:10
Issues accessing - Wednesday 9 November 9:45|09/11/2022 11:26:57
Achieving the Online Safety Mark in Primary schools - 24 Nov/19 Jan/4 May|08/11/2022 17:10:15
Early Years Pupil Premium Lists for Autumn 2022 |08/11/2022 17:09:34
Mark the season of Remembrance at Bradford Cathedral|08/11/2022 17:09:17
Child of Empire comes to Bradford Cathedral|08/11/2022 17:08:57
Appleton Academy are consulting to open a new Resourced Provision|07/11/2022 13:59:11
Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS)|07/11/2022 13:58:45
Teachers' & NJC Pay Award Agreed & Reduction in NI Contributions|04/11/2022 15:06:30
Presenters and well-known faces back child mental health advice website|04/11/2022 08:53:38
SCIL - SEND Advice Hubs - Communication and Interaction|04/11/2022 08:41:46
Bradford Cathedral to host Organ Spectacular|03/11/2022 13:40:47
Portage Workshop: A Small Steps Approach to Learning for Child with SEND|03/11/2022 11:09:27
Consultation on proposal to reduce PAN at Steeton Primary School|03/11/2022 09:37:59
Road Safety Week 14-20 November |03/11/2022 09:37:46
The Wonderful World of STEM - Primary Teacher CPD Conference|02/11/2022 16:00:42
Telephone Issues - St Paul's C.E Primary School |02/11/2022 13:26:13
Down Syndrome Training & Support Service November newsletter|02/11/2022 11:35:54
Creating Future Lawyers Event|01/11/2022 13:43:18
How to Draw Star Wars Characters with JAKe Fri 11th Nov 1.30 @ City Library|01/11/2022 12:56:52
Connect The Classroom - extra webinar for Technicians/Tech support 9 Nov|01/11/2022 10:33:26
Assessing Primary Computing CPD - Tue 8 November|01/11/2022 10:33:14
DfE funding for schools - Connect The Classroom initiative webinar 9 Nov|01/11/2022 09:16:35
 Education Partnerships Team – Reading & Literacy Programmes |01/11/2022 09:11:03
Nominations Open for 2023 Bradford Sports Awards|31/10/2022 16:20:57
Staff Cycle to Work Scheme |25/10/2022 11:56:41
Be Bright Be Seen |21/10/2022 13:51:46
Important gas energy debt information|21/10/2022 11:36:22
£300 grants available for Science Week 2023 - Deadline 7th November 2022|20/10/2022 15:21:50
Could YOUR school lead the way...? "Shared Spaces" Research Project|20/10/2022 11:44:50
Children and Families Trust appoints new Chief Executive|20/10/2022 10:23:24
Sandy Lane Primary School - Positive Handling Training|20/10/2022 10:22:49
Bradford Cathedral Family Activities return for October Half Term|19/10/2022 11:53:25
Computing experiences for your pupils|19/10/2022 11:53:15
Learning Support SCIL Team Update |19/10/2022 10:46:54
Sufficiency of Specialist Places for Children and Young People in Bradford|19/10/2022 10:46:39
Free Lego Education Training - Getech and Bradford Innovation Services |19/10/2022 09:54:20
School Visits to Van Gogh Alive|18/10/2022 15:03:37
Outstanding HLTA of the Year 2022|18/10/2022 14:49:49
Into Film Festival: Special Bradford Event - Fri 18 Nov|18/10/2022 14:32:30
Assessment and Moderation Training|17/10/2022 15:26:38
Role of the Moderator KS2 Recruitment |17/10/2022 15:11:56
Role of the Moderator KS1 Recruitment |17/10/2022 15:11:42
Assessing Writing at Y6|17/10/2022 15:11:29
Assessing Writing at Y6|17/10/2022 14:53:47
Security Alert |17/10/2022 13:18:43
Telephones not working |14/10/2022 14:24:48
Onwards & Upwards Secondary school provision for children with Down syndrom|14/10/2022 14:15:59
Warm Spaces across the district this winter|14/10/2022 10:08:13
The Webinar Briefing Session - November 2022|13/10/2022 17:51:37
Consultations for Formula Funding Arrangements 2023/24|13/10/2022 12:22:42
Npower Webinar: The Energy Bill Relief Scheme |13/10/2022 11:03:51
Parenting Support Programme for Dads/Stepdads of children 0-19|12/10/2022 15:09:52
Free Carbon Monoxide Workshops for Primary Schools in Bradford district|12/10/2022 13:07:20
Addingham Primary School phone lines and internet are down |12/10/2022 11:19:28
School fishing experience endorsed by Angling Trust - book your place now|11/10/2022 09:27:55
Healthy Minds Chartermark / DfE Approved SMHL training Mental Health|11/10/2022 09:27:27
ECT Appropriate Body and registrations|11/10/2022 09:05:55
Widescreen in the City: The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!|10/10/2022 15:28:44
Energy price update from YPO|10/10/2022 14:17:58
Conference - Improving Outcomes For All: The 'thinking' and the 'doing'|10/10/2022 13:58:26
Phone lines down at Clayton Village Primary School |10/10/2022 11:32:38
Is one of YOUR students a Community Star!? |10/10/2022 11:25:46
Phone lines and internet down at Beckfoot Allerton|10/10/2022 09:38:10
Phone Lines Down|10/10/2022 09:31:12
E-mail scam alert|07/10/2022 13:25:42
Bradford Council wants to become a Child Friendly District|07/10/2022 13:18:59
**REMINDER** DSL Network Meeting - Autumn 2022|07/10/2022 11:13:21
School Cohort Deprivation Domicile Report Available (IMT Traded Service)|07/10/2022 09:43:44
'Starting School Getting Around Safely' Story Book & Parental Information |07/10/2022 09:14:46
‘One Life Lost’ from West Yorkshire Police|07/10/2022 09:14:06
Guidance on recent Supreme Court Ruling on Holiday Pay|07/10/2022 09:13:26
Suicide Awareness Event|06/10/2022 16:48:19
Useful fire safety information and links to resources|06/10/2022 14:41:10
Bradford City Runs 2022|06/10/2022 14:38:10
FREE Financial Education Resources|05/10/2022 14:30:26
HLTA Preparation Training Course|05/10/2022 12:39:01
Bonfire safety from West Yorkshire Fire and rescue Service|04/10/2022 16:12:21
OIAMFS Phone Lines Down|04/10/2022 13:44:26
50 Things Primary Launch Event - National Science and Media Museum|04/10/2022 12:20:48
50 Things Primary Launch Event - Cliffe Castle|04/10/2022 12:20:28
Notification of New School Meals Prices from 31st October 2022|04/10/2022 11:21:24
Takeover Challenge 2022|03/10/2022 14:35:21
October 2022 newsletter from the Down Syndrome Training & Support Service|03/10/2022 14:35:12
Relationships Matter (Reducing Parental Conflict)|03/10/2022 14:26:42
Children and Families Trust welcomes new Board members|03/10/2022 09:47:36
Exclusion and suspension from school|30/09/2022 14:26:46
Henry Healthy Families Parenting Programme|30/09/2022 13:39:53
Cycle to School Week 3-7 October 2022|30/09/2022 10:50:43
SCIL Team SEND Advice Hubs - ALL TEAMS - free appointments|30/09/2022 09:39:58
Team-Based Learning Symposium and TALENT Project Showcase|29/09/2022 17:54:14
Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering|29/09/2022 15:05:10
Smoothwall Monitor, Cloud Filter & Cloud Portal training |29/09/2022 14:37:51
Free Online Safety Seminars for BLN contracted schools|29/09/2022 14:23:11
Stammering & Down syndrome|29/09/2022 13:16:03
Signing and children with Down syndrome|29/09/2022 13:05:21
Lets make it visual|29/09/2022 13:04:40
Teaching basic number skills to children with Down syndrome and other LD|29/09/2022 13:03:51
Truancy Policy|29/09/2022 11:52:05
2022- 2023 School Holiday Calendar|29/09/2022 09:17:11
Online Safety CPD opportunities for primary school staff - autumn term|28/09/2022 13:24:12
Health and Social Care Careers Fair|28/09/2022 13:23:57
The Webinar Briefing Session - November 2022|28/09/2022 11:37:42
Computing Subject Leader including getting deep dive ready (2 day course)|28/09/2022 11:37:07
Still time tor register for Bradford Manufacturing Weeks careers initiative|27/09/2022 16:31:31
Apprenticeships Unlocked Event 2023 - Save the Date|27/09/2022 15:29:51
Relationships Matter|27/09/2022 12:37:31
Reducing Parental Conflict|27/09/2022 12:34:50
YPO Update - Energy Relief Scheme |26/09/2022 14:57:17
Upcoming NCCE Primary Computing CPD|26/09/2022 13:57:57
Free Computing Support from an NCCE Subject Matter Expert|26/09/2022 13:57:43
Inflatable Fun Days - 2023 End of School year treat for Pupils and Staff|26/09/2022 13:57:11
Mapping NEET prevention in Bradford|26/09/2022 12:09:22
Bradford City Fun Football sessions|26/09/2022 09:04:40
Governor Training programme|23/09/2022 14:26:04
Pastoral Training for Support Staff|23/09/2022 14:25:53
Perspective Lite – KS2 AAT Data Imported|23/09/2022 10:07:37
Physical & Medical Team Parent Hubs|22/09/2022 16:34:54
Health & Social Care Careers Fair|22/09/2022 16:34:22
Schools Fishing Opportunity - Bradford Community Play & Development Service|22/09/2022 15:55:35
‘One Life Lost’ from West Yorkshire Police|22/09/2022 15:23:50
Lucy Faithfull Safer Recruitment in Education|22/09/2022 14:11:26
Abraham Sharp: Bradford’s Astounding Astronomer & Magnificent Mathematician|22/09/2022 13:21:43
Inflatable De Luxe Santas Grotto available to hire with festive lights!!!|22/09/2022 11:36:38
Digital Opportunity for 6th Form Students - SnapChat|22/09/2022 11:18:29
Community Roundtable - Prevent Duty|22/09/2022 08:56:09
Harvest Resources for Schools|22/09/2022 08:55:32
Free Mental Health Webinar Session: Anti-Bullying Week: 14th - 18th Nov|21/09/2022 14:50:51
Functional Skills Support available for schools through Skills for Work|21/09/2022 13:25:33
Health & Social Care Career's Fair|21/09/2022 13:24:18
Poster Competition - The Wonderful World of STEM|21/09/2022 13:23:29
Apprenticeships available through Skills for Work, Bradford Council|21/09/2022 13:21:58
Lucy Faithfull Safer Recruitment in Education|21/09/2022 09:41:49
Change to Primary PAN at Appleton Academy|21/09/2022 09:13:54
Bank Holiday Arrangements for Monday 19 September 2022|20/09/2022 11:16:15
Healthy Minds Chartermark |16/09/2022 15:06:07
Health & Social Care Careers Fair|16/09/2022 11:55:01
Training for New Designated Teachers for Children Looked After|16/09/2022 09:39:46
Royal Air Force Air Cadets Recruitment|15/09/2022 09:46:50
Autumn School Census 2022|14/09/2022 12:07:26
Short sightedness study |13/09/2022 12:52:39
Exciting careers opportunities for all ages - Railway Futures |13/09/2022 12:44:56
Senco Network 21 September 2022, 9 - 12|13/09/2022 09:20:42
Education Partnerships Team- Bradford University-Online-Health & Well being|13/09/2022 09:20:29
Intergenerational Linking Opportunity 2022-2023|13/09/2022 09:20:15
Bradford Primary Schools Linking Programme 2022-2023|13/09/2022 09:20:01
Linking for Secondary Schools|13/09/2022 09:19:44
 Secondary SMSC Leaders Network|13/09/2022 09:19:33
Leading SMSC Development Across A School – CPD |13/09/2022 09:19:17
Bank Holiday Announced for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s State Funeral|13/09/2022 09:18:44
Free Maths Development Opportunity|13/09/2022 09:18:30
‘One Life Lost’ from West Yorkshire Police |11/09/2022 13:46:57
IMT - SCHOOLS PERFORMANCE DATA|09/09/2022 12:05:27
Curriculum Innovation autumn term CPD|09/09/2022 12:05:18
Free Prevent Workshops for Secondary Schools|08/09/2022 13:45:01
School Partnerships Programme Opens to Applications|07/09/2022 18:38:57
LGS Pay Award 2022|07/09/2022 16:53:25
School Teachers’ Pay 2022-23|07/09/2022 16:53:13
BSiP Annual Conference 29th & 30th September 2022|07/09/2022 16:33:17
School Gate Parking Resources |07/09/2022 13:29:51
School Transitions Peer Mentoring for Secondary Schools in KEIGHLEY|07/09/2022 12:47:09
Stranger in white mini|07/09/2022 12:46:53
Oldfield Primary School Phone Lines Down|07/09/2022 10:03:21
Idle C of E Primary School Phone Lines Down|07/09/2022 09:34:04
Laycock Primary Phone Lines Down |07/09/2022 09:20:00
Early Career Teachers - registrations|06/09/2022 15:54:23
Pastoral Training for Support Staff|06/09/2022 15:24:56
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Preparation Training|06/09/2022 15:21:12
Discover more about Bradford’s Astounding Astronomer|06/09/2022 10:43:51
Electricity update from YPO|06/09/2022 09:41:39
Education Partnerships Team Primary |05/09/2022 14:11:04
School Year Groups 2022/23 - NCY Checker|05/09/2022 11:13:37
On behalf of Nurture Academy Trust and Fearnville Primary School |05/09/2022 10:13:18
Training this term in Down syndrome|05/09/2022 10:10:11
Free School Meal Lists – Autumn Term|05/09/2022 08:03:47
Consultation on increasing the Published Admission Number (PAN)|02/09/2022 13:14:18
Healthy Minds Chartermark |02/09/2022 13:14:01
Look out for our school attendance campaign|02/09/2022 10:18:41
Reputable Peer Mentoring Programme for schools in CRAVEN - Free of charge!|02/09/2022 09:53:17
School Transitions Peer Mentoring for Secondary Schools in Bradford EAST|31/08/2022 09:10:17
Suspension & Exclusion Notifications to Social workers and Virtual School|30/08/2022 16:17:53
NEW WEBSITE SkillsHouse, Bradford Council's careers & employability service|24/08/2022 14:09:36
Summer Holidays Family Activities|22/08/2022 11:59:06
IGS Expansion Consultation To Increase Its Published Admissions Number -PAN|22/08/2022 07:41:49
Key Stage 4 Results Collection - Summer 2022 *Reminder* & Thank You|19/08/2022 11:47:14
BTEC 3 Sports Diploma Teacher for Bradford City FC Community Foundation|18/08/2022 14:57:15
Heritage Open Day: Abraham Sharp: Bradford's Astounding Astronomer|18/08/2022 13:48:35
Funding available! |18/08/2022 11:18:47
Invitation to Early Years Stronger Practice Hubs webinars |16/08/2022 12:18:35
School Transitions Peer Mentoring for Secondary Schools in EAST and WEST|15/08/2022 09:25:06
2021-22 Key Stage 5 Results Day Collection - Thursday 18th August|12/08/2022 10:36:08
BD: Festival - KHOOGHI|08/08/2022 15:49:52
Portage Newsletter for July, run by the Bradford Portage Service |05/08/2022 09:19:39
Website and policy checks|01/08/2022 16:05:07
New Parenting Programme - Who's In Charge|29/07/2022 14:12:08
Reputable peer mentoring programme open for new enrolments *Free*|29/07/2022 12:14:47
Employee Cycle to Work Scheme |29/07/2022 11:16:02
Free Summer Holidays Family Activities this August!|28/07/2022 10:05:41
Mini Bus wanted|26/07/2022 15:43:18
School's Out 2022 |22/07/2022 11:09:48
Please share this important safety information|22/07/2022 09:59:08
Teachers' Pension Scheme Indexation Issue - Updated Briefing Note|21/07/2022 11:05:31
Speech and Language CPD for Early Years Practitioners|21/07/2022 09:52:38
Phone lines|19/07/2022 15:11:16
HSE will be carrying school inspections from September 2022 onwards|19/07/2022 14:54:11
STEMAZING Inspiration Academy now OPEN for registrations!|19/07/2022 14:39:49
Phione lines down|19/07/2022 12:44:03
Bradford Cathedral Family Activities return in July and August|19/07/2022 08:59:58
Bowling Park Primary phone lines are back up and working now!|18/07/2022 13:50:57
New DfE Statutory guidance and advice. |18/07/2022 10:56:59
Ukrainian Language road safety resources |15/07/2022 15:21:19
DfE Senior Leads Training Autumn Term starting 6th September 2022|15/07/2022 13:56:02
Hot weather advice|15/07/2022 13:55:43
The SCIL Team Enhanced Service Support Offer|15/07/2022 09:51:48
Police community engagement event|13/07/2022 12:49:47
Volunteer role Activity Champion role recruitment link|13/07/2022 11:58:15
30 Hours Free Childcare|12/07/2022 17:11:02
Energy Bill Payments |12/07/2022 14:07:48
HLTA Preparation Training Course|12/07/2022 10:59:49
Supporting children from Ukraine|12/07/2022 10:16:02
Increased energy cost update |11/07/2022 14:20:29
Tackling structural inequalities & championing evidential approaches|11/07/2022 10:12:57
Curriculum Innovation packages 2022/3 - Early Bird discount ends 31 July 22|08/07/2022 09:33:36
Pedestrian Safety Film |07/07/2022 17:12:16
2021-22 Key Stage 4 / 5 Results Day Collections|07/07/2022 17:01:15
Early Years Officer role|07/07/2022 15:04:41
Early Years Pupil Premium Lists for Summer 2022|07/07/2022 15:04:25
Training in Down syndrome next academic year|07/07/2022 13:38:02
Police Engagement Event Sunday 24th July 2022 from 12pm to 3pm|07/07/2022 13:37:28
Keighley Culture Festival 16 July, Keighley Creative|07/07/2022 10:49:01
FM News - Issue 5|06/07/2022 12:41:13
We would like your school to join us in our campaign for Clean Air|06/07/2022 11:24:23
Flyers for pupils applying for year 7 places in September 2023|06/07/2022 10:54:53
Key stage 2 attainment: National headlines|06/07/2022 09:40:36
Low Ash Primary School - Phone issue has been resolved|05/07/2022 12:11:30
Low Ash Primary School - Problem with phone lines|05/07/2022 09:27:21
Commemorative Film Screening for Schools|04/07/2022 18:21:15
Increase to National Insurance thresholds from 6 July 2022|04/07/2022 16:13:48
ECT induction - Tutor training|04/07/2022 15:04:44
Ernest Cook Trust Opens New Round of School Grants for the Outdoors|01/07/2022 09:01:31
Bradford Women into Leadership Network presents masterclass by Saj Zafar|30/06/2022 17:33:41
Interested in a career in Logistics & Transport|30/06/2022 16:18:12
Free Family Activities Return to Bradford Cathedral this July|30/06/2022 14:43:20
Fully-funded new headteacher coaching|30/06/2022 13:21:52
Phone lines down at Riddlesden St Mary's Primary School|29/06/2022 11:44:44
Primary Gateway - KS2 TA Assessments Submission|29/06/2022 09:52:55
Available now in Perspective Lite - Early NCER National Data |29/06/2022 09:29:42
Calling all Year 6 teachers and primary heads!|28/06/2022 16:11:19
New Starter Tax Information|28/06/2022 14:49:07
Open evening at Hirst Wood Nursery School |28/06/2022 11:12:59
Charity Gig for Down Syndrome|28/06/2022 11:12:47
Phones|28/06/2022 07:44:35
Household Support Fund – FSM Schools allocation update|28/06/2022 07:44:03
Health & Social Care Summer School|27/06/2022 13:36:33
New Road Safety presentation ‘One Life Lost’ from West Yorkshire Police|27/06/2022 12:48:10
FREE Digital Skills Camp this Summer!|24/06/2022 09:40:33
Phonics, Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 - Pupil Lists & Early Outcomes Available|24/06/2022 09:40:22
Messy St Peter's comes to Bradford Cathedral!|23/06/2022 14:24:45
Bradford Armed Forces Day Event, Saturday 25 June from 11am-4pm|23/06/2022 14:24:32
*Final Reminder* Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessments: Deadline 28/06/2022|23/06/2022 09:48:51
Education Partnerships Team: IntoUniversity |22/06/2022 08:11:34
Football Camps in Bradford during school holidays!|22/06/2022 08:08:24
Galaxkey educational cyber awareness sessions for pupils|22/06/2022 08:07:38
Free Mental Health Webinar Session: Transitioning to High School|22/06/2022 08:07:11
Parenting Programme for parents experiencing child to parent abuse/violence|20/06/2022 13:14:58
Providing free school meals to families with no recourse to public funds|17/06/2022 09:53:56
Mini SCIL and Educational Psychology Course Brochures for 21/22|17/06/2022 08:53:50
*Reminder* Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessments Submission |17/06/2022 08:53:25
Calling all Leeds Diocese C of E primary schools!|16/06/2022 16:39:10
Knowleswood Primary School - Phone Lines|16/06/2022 12:24:54
Year 6 Road Safety Transition PowerPoint |16/06/2022 11:38:24
FREE Early Years Training, Support and Advice|16/06/2022 09:46:46
Resources for Ukrainian arrivals|16/06/2022 08:57:10
Schools Outstanding Gas Invoices|15/06/2022 14:55:52
Early Years Enhanced Specialist Provision Hirst Wood Nursery School|15/06/2022 10:40:27
Free curriculum resources and materials on air quality|13/06/2022 11:55:03
12 month engineering placement at KeolisAmey Docklands (KAD) Light Rail Ope|13/06/2022 10:21:24
Tackling structural inequalities & championing evidential approaches|10/06/2022 14:25:07
Social care jobs event open to everyone |10/06/2022 10:15:10
Apprenticeships unlocked event|09/06/2022 11:33:56
Free Mental Health Webinar Session: Transitioning to High School|09/06/2022 10:34:32
On behalf of Moorlands Learning Trust and Ilkley Grammar School |08/06/2022 14:33:07
Brake's Kids Walk 22nd June 2022|08/06/2022 12:49:28
Progression Officer|08/06/2022 11:04:01
URGENT - Household Support Fund – New allocation to schools June 2022|08/06/2022 09:45:53
Road Safety Sessions |08/06/2022 09:33:33
Encouraging Diversity in Law|08/06/2022 09:33:13
Bradford Nursery Schools Affordable Open Evening Offer |06/06/2022 16:39:13
Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessments Submission|06/06/2022 16:39:01
Down Syndrome - Speech & Language Conference |06/06/2022 13:40:52
Get ready for Gadgeteers Summer Reading Challenge 2022-Starts Sat 9th July|06/06/2022 12:42:55
Bradford District Schools 5v5 Football Festival 2022 PLACES STILL AVAILABLE|06/06/2022 12:04:01
Shipley College Open Event|06/06/2022 12:01:39
FREE Early Years Training, Support and Advice|06/06/2022 10:23:11
New Oracy trails at Bradford Industrial Museum|02/06/2022 17:58:36
Come along to a free Jubilee Street Party|27/05/2022 11:11:15
New NPQ scholarships, Appropriate Body consultation, and more...|27/05/2022 10:02:33
Celebrating the Platinum Jubilee|26/05/2022 18:48:56
St Edmund's Nursery School & Children's Centre Affordable Open Evening|26/05/2022 18:04:54
Bradford Nursery Schools FREE Early Years Training|26/05/2022 16:56:37
Education Partnerships Team – Finance skills (YBS, Chartered Insurance Inst|26/05/2022 13:10:25
Resources for Ascension Day and Pentecost|26/05/2022 08:31:35
Bradford FC U16-U19 open trial 1 June|25/05/2022 20:26:35
CAPT Child Safety Week 6th-12th June 2022|25/05/2022 18:16:42
Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month- June 2022|25/05/2022 10:55:01
Free Family Activities Return to Bradford Cathedral for May half-term|25/05/2022 08:40:09
50 Things to do Before You're Five Free Remote Networking Event & Resources|24/05/2022 18:18:36
Phone lines down at Riddlesden St Mary's Primary School|24/05/2022 13:00:18
CTE Portal Training 12th July 2022 for Education Professionals|24/05/2022 09:45:11
Bradford Schools Football Association Trials|24/05/2022 08:28:24
Changes to the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 2022|23/05/2022 15:00:56
ECT induction and registrations|23/05/2022 14:00:46
Apprenticeship with West Yorkshire Transport Department|23/05/2022 07:57:13
Education Partnerships Team - Bradford School of Art Fashion Competition|20/05/2022 15:50:52
Design the vehicle of the future competitions|20/05/2022 15:31:28
Find out about how to set up Early Career Teacher induction|20/05/2022 08:42:26
Instructional Coaching Offer: APPLICATION DEADLINE NOON 20th MAY 2022|20/05/2022 08:42:16
Facilitate on ECF-based training or National Professional Qualifications|20/05/2022 08:42:03
Football Camps in Bradford for Spring Bank Half Term|19/05/2022 11:13:25
Issues accessing|19/05/2022 10:35:48
Senco Network Slides and YouTube now available|18/05/2022 13:51:05
TOP SECRET CYBER EVENTS!|18/05/2022 13:50:55