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Action For Sport, which distributes outgrown sporting boots and sports clothes to children on pupil premium in schools, has linked with several local sports companies who have agreed to give massive discounts on sporting footwear and sports clothing as well as sports equipment and kits for school.

In this groundbreaking initiative Action For Sport will receive thousands of vouchers from their sports company partners and these will be issued to every parent(s) whose child is on pupil premium in schools that are interested. This will then give access to that parent(s)/carer to buy vastly reduced sporting footwear and sports clothing. The sports companies will also have some free stock.

There may be children too whose circumstances have changed quickly who schools feel may benefit from this offer.  

Action For Sport in partnering with these sports companies has looked at what they offer. One of these companies for example concentrates on kitting the individual out whereas another looks at heavily discounted school sports team kits, clothing, and sports equipment which may well save schools significantly.

The choices will be great news and some stock will be free.

For those parents who do not have access to technology Action For Sport will still have some " off line " stock.

To add the sporting companies' ordering portals etc. and links from our own website to theirs we are currently revamping our website to make the necessary changes. We envisage that will be done by early October.

Action For Sport has worked with several schools in Bradford and one school evidenced for us that since we had been working with them their persistent absence had gone down significantly, Children who had been skipping school on PE days because they did not have kits were coming into school and after school participation in sport had gone up.

We will be looking to collate more data and evidence too for schools from this service

To spread what Action for Sport is doing and to reinforce this in schools we are encouraging schools to create Action For Sport Junior Committees amongst their pupils. This will hopefully develop students and look to spread our message that giving to others who have nothing can be as life-changing for the person donating as well as the person receiving. 

For further information please email me on c.michallat@actionforsport.com


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Action For Sport 






Published: 05/09/2023
Audience: Teachers, support staff, governors, SLT, sports providers
Contact: Clive Michallat

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