Our Service

Our Service


At FM we specialise in catering for schools. Having done so for over 100 years we have unrivalled experience in the education sector. Yet whilst steeped in history, it is our forward thinking focus on service development and innovation that ensures we continue to provide excellent food experiences for our customers.

Our teams possess a wealth of catering and food service management experience from various sectors including; commercial, health, hospitality, civic and retail. But it is schools where this mix of skills and expertise are employed for the benefit of our customers.

It’s not just our teams that have a blended nature. This extends to our service ethos and values! We have a commercial approach to service growth, productivity and performance monitoring, coupled with the public sector values of partnership working and not-for-profit dedicated service. This unique positioning enables us to continually invest in our service and channel all the benefits back into our school stakeholders, rather than to our shareholders.

Whatever your requirement for food during the school day, FM can and do provide it. We put customers at the heart of what we do, with our bespoke menu process meaning that each and every one of our schools is able to have menus and food offers that are fully tailored to your individual desires.

Our development team keep a keen eye on the wider food landscape as they look to map out a new adventure for school food. So we are always inputting into the process new ideas and menu options that the team have crafted in our Food Innovation and Production Centre, which refresh and reinvigorate traditional favourites or introduce more innovative and globally or ethically influenced food concepts to the menu options.



A delicious meal can really lift the spirits. So we do our utmost to create a good mood, through good food. With our strong dietary expertise, we ensure our meals don’t send children on a rollercoaster ride of sugar-fuelled highs and lows, and instead provide sustained energy to support a child’s learning throughout the day. In providing food that is good for the mind and the body, and promotional events that add to the fun and enjoyment experienced at lunchtime, we aim to make a positive lasting impression on all our customers.



An array of standards is in place to protect the well-being of those consuming food in school, and to govern the safety of the catering workplace. We put a lot of effort into closely adhering to these standards, meaning our customers don’t have to worry about a thing!

All our products and ingredients are analysed to ensure their sustainability for children’s diets, particularly the additives and preservatives that can affect their concentration and behaviour. We also ensure these stringent standards are applied right down the line, by carefully briefing and monitoring our suppliers to ensure compliance.

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