Adding content

Adding content


Each page on Bradford Schools Online has an owner. The name of the owner is given at the foot of the page. The page owner can add and amend content as required. If you would like to provide content by being a page owner please contact Azeem Hussain. Azeem will need to know:

  • The nature of the content you are proposing
  • Where you want it to be located within the main navigational structure
  • Who your delegate will be - this is a second person who can edit your page in your absence.
  • This information will help you to add content to your new page

There are other ways of providing information for Bradford Schools Online apart from being a page owner:

  • Providing information through a News article. News articles are transient in nature and therefore are not suitable for more permananet information.
  • Adding to existing information. This can be done by contacting the the page owner (click on their name at the foot of the page to generate an e-mail) requesting them to add your content.

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