Educational provision for permanently excluded pupils

Educational provision for permanently excluded pupils

Bradford Alternative Provision Academy, Park Aspire and Craven Pupil Referral Service (PRS) provide education for pupils permanenlty excluded from school for pupils living in Bradford. For pupils permanenlty excluded who live in another local authority, but attend a Bradford school, the 'Home Authority' (the authority they reside in) are responsible for providing education. 

Our providers can work with schools who wish to commission support for pupils, where they have capacity with places, to support pupils being directed off-site to improve behaviour. They may also be able to be commissioned to support with day 6 education for suspended pupils, again where they have capacity. This is a direct arrangement between the provider and the school. 

Park Aspire Pupil Referral Unit (PRU)

Kirsty Ratcliffe - Headteacher


Tel: 01274 735298


Avenue Road
West Bowling

Fax: 01274 733795

Park Aspire is rated by 'Good' by Ofsted  March 2020

Park Aspire’s primary focus is to provide education for KS2 and KS3 pupils who have been Permanently Excluded from their mainstream setting and then support them on their next educational pathway.

Assessment and Support

During the initial weeks after admission pupils will be assessed using the Symphony Assessment System which gauges pupils’ academic levels.

Assessment is also completed using the Social Emotional and Mental Health questionnaire that provides information around pupils’ needs and skills in areas including: approach to learning, skills for learning, social skills, self-awareness and self-control.

The Symphony Assessment System and the Social Emotional and Mental health questionnaire allow an initial understanding of a pupils’ skills and difficulties to inform the support required to develop their academic and social skills. 

Pupil Voice is essential in supporting pupils’ placement at Park Aspire, which is gained through discussion with the pupil in completing a Pupil Profile. Pupil Profiles gain pupil voice on what they enjoy, what they dislike, what they find difficult, how they can be supported within school, their aspirations and their views on the next steps on their educational pathway. Pupil Profiles give a clear insight into the wishes and desires of pupils and also some of the barriers that may inhibit progression.

During pupils’ placement at Park Aspire other assessments maybe initiated that are specific to individual needs. This may include assessment through specialist services such as: The Educational Psychology Team, Speech and Language Therapy, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. Additional assessment will be initiated in liaison, and with the consent of, parents/carers whose input is essential in fully understanding their child’s skills and needs.

Bradford Alternative Provision Academy  

Richard Bottomley - Headteacher


Tel: 01274 491986

Fax: 01274 619050

Bradford Alternative Provision Academy (BAPA) is a split-site AP Academy for pupils who have been permanently excluded.

At the last inspection by Ofsted in February 2015 (Bradford Central PRU inspection) was judged to be outstanding in all key areas.

Aireview and Jesse Street provide a total of 65 places across Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. 

Support and Assessment

The main focus of BAPA is to provide education to those pupils who have been permanently excluded and to support them into their next educational setting following the exclusion. 

On induction all students complete a PASS survey (Pupil Attitude to Self and School) to reflect their current thoughts with regard to themselves as a learner and their perception of the role of school in their lives. They also complete a WRAT test, which is the Wide Ranging Achievement Test. This is a norm referenced screening test that measures basic academic skills that are needed for effective learning, communication and thinking. Whilst the Alternative Profession (AP) Specialist Task Force, made up of a number of cross service professionals, is working at BAPA students also complete a Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) assessment. The SDQ is a short behavioural screening questionnaire for children aged 3 to 16 that is used to assess children’s mental health.

Throughout the pupils' placement at BAPA there may be other assessments that take place based on individual need. Some of these assessments may be conducted by the school, or members of the AP Specialist task force or by specialist services with parent/carer agreement where required.

Aireview Site

Liam Gordon – Head of Centre


Tel: 01274 585318


Baker Street
BD18 3JE

Fax: 01274 596879

Jesse Street Site

Debbie Hudson – Head of Centre


Tel: 01274 491986


Jesse Street


Fax: 01274 548343


Craven PRS 

Andrew Haughey - Headteacher

Telephone: 01756 630495



Craven Pupil Referral Service

The Snaygill Centre

Keighley Road


North Yorkshire

BD23 2QS

Support and Assessment

The main focus of work for Craven PRS for pupils placed by the Exclusion Team is to provide education to those pupils who have been permanently excluded and to support them into their next educational setting following the exclusion. 

Throughout the pupils' placement there will be assessments that take place based on individual need and specific work connected to the reason for the exclusion. 

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