National Wraparound Childcare Programme

National Wraparound Childcare Programme

In the 2023 Spring Budget the Government announced an investment for a national wraparound programme to support families who need it to access wraparound childcare from 8am-6pm  

What is Wraparound Childcare? 

  • Wraparound childcare is paid for childcare, for primary school aged children, during term time, this wraps around the traditional school day.
  • This means before school and after school provision that runs daily.
  • This is expected to be available between 8am and 6pm.
  • The aim is to support working parents and those going back into the workforce.

A handbook from the Department for Education (DfE) has been produced to set out the aims and scope of the national wraparound childcare programme for Local Authorities National Wraparound Childcare Programme Handbook

The department has also published guidance for schools and trusts, which explains the role of schools and trusts educating primary-school aged children in supporting parents to access wraparound childcare. It includes practical guidance to support schools to deliver or expand wraparound childcare provision.

Wraparound childcare: guidance for schools and trusts in England

The Local Authority have produced a guidance called ' Is Setting up Wraparound Childcare For You?' this explains the different models of Wraparound Childcare and some of the legal implications a school need to consider as well as a sample questionnaire to assess parental demand. 

Is setting up wraparound childcare for you?

In March 2024 we held Webinars for schools and the PVI sector copies of the slides  are below

Wraparound Webinar Schools

Wraparound Webinar PVI sector


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