Online tools within Bradford Schools Online

Online tools within Bradford Schools Online

There are a number of tools available through BSO to help the work of schools. Listed below are those currently available, they are constantly being updated and added to. Whilst changing policy may make some of the tools redundant, they remain listed here to indicate what is possible.

*Indicates a log in is required to access the tool on Bradford Schools Online.

Children Missing Education*

Live details of children deemed to be missing education. Secure access is given to this information to schools and agencies for example Health, UK Border Agency, Police. The system also provides the capacity for secure responses from the agencies.

Calendar notification*

Schools can provide their calendar for subsequent years. The system checks that the correct number of days have been allocated, adjusts for Foundation and VC schools, produces a bespoke calendar electronically for the school to use, automatically publishes the calendar within our own websites.

School Finder

As well as providing basic contact details of the school, including the school logo and awards, the tool allows schools to update the information thereby maintaining our own databases.

Transport Status

The current status of school transport services.

Closed schools

The online facility for schools to notify of an emergency closure. The system then uses an RSS feed to alert appropriate media. Others can also subscribe to the same feed.

Course applications

Applications to our own courses can be made online with full control over account access.


The online, moderated provision and publication of news and other communications with schools. The news is aggregated into a weekly bulletin available by subscription.


Full access by schools to the contact details and job descriptions of all Education Department staff.

Schools due for inspection

Notification of which schools have been advised they are about to be inspected.

Health issues in schools

Notification of schools with infectious diseases that may restrict access to the school.

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