Policy & Guidance for Schools

Policy & Guidance for Schools

The Personal Education Plan (PEP) is the statutory tool to ensure that all professionals are actively prioritising the education of the young person, carefully tracking progress and supporting the young person to achieve and to be aspirational.


As you will be aware it is the statutory responsibility of the Virtual School to monitor the attainment and attendance of Bradford’s Looked After Children.  We collect termly attainment data electronically from schools where we have children looked after. Please click here for Instructions for inputting attainment data for CLA into Bradford Schools Online


Additional Funds Request Form- This form is for applying to the Virtual School for funding following a conversation with your Virtual School Links  In order to access additional funding, (over and above the Pupil Premium Plus allocation) the school would need to demonstrate that monies have been spent appropriately for the CLA.


Looked After Children: The Designated Teachers’s Annual Report to Governors

 Please be aware, it is a statutory requirement for schools to present an annual report to governors on provision for its Looked After Children.

  Your report should include the following:

  1. Numbers of LAC and progress made by Looked After Children in your school

  2. Overview of provision at your school

  3. A case study of a Looked After Child highlighting progress since starting school or going into care and his/her social and emotional well-being

  4. PEP update – numbers completed and range of professionals involved

  5. Income from PPP+, outcomes and impact on attainment through targeted intervention

  6. Attendance

  7. Fixed- term exclusions, if any. Actions taken to address issues and minimise further exclusions for LAC

  8. Any CPD events attended.


Please see an example of an annual report for your information and reference

For further information please contact any member of the Virtual School Team.



The importance of good, targeted, practical welfare training for front line staff across institutions on mental health is crucial to ensure the right support is given to the young person.

For further information visit

Mental Health Champions in Bradford Schools


Online free counselling service – please see link below

Kooth details

Assembly presentations on anxiety and resilience

Anxiety for Primary Schools

Anxiety for Secondary Schools

Resilience for Primary Schools

Resilience for Secondary Schools




We have attached a proforma to assist your school on preparation for a monitoring visit/Ofsted inspection. Please personalise the proforma to your own school context and the document should  be used as a prompt for discussion only.




The Educational Psychology Team have produced a leaflet to support successful transitions for Children and Young people.

This leaflet was originally intended to support phase transition during a period of school closure.

Whilst it appears that some children may now be returning to school before the summer, the advice will serve to remind and reassure staff about managing transitions at this time.  Although the circumstances may be different this year, the underlying principles and psychology remain the same and schools are well versed in managing this.

The leaflet offers a reminder about first principles and makes some additional suggestions linked to the period of school closure.

The advice is equally applicable to children returning to school following the period of closure.




Bradford Virtual School PEP Guidance for Professionals - November 2023

Promoting the Education of Looked After Children and Previously Looked After Children - February 2018

The Designated Teacher of Looked After Children and Previously Looked After Children - February 2018

Bradford Virtual School Information and Advice re Previously Looked After Children - May 2018

PowerPoint Presentation for Designated Teacher Networks - Summer 2018

2020 Transition Recovery and Learning (Primary)

2020 Transition Recovery and Learning (Secondary)

Post 16 Providers

Healthy Minds Resources and Services for Children and Young People





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