Emergency Callout Plan

Emergency Callout Plan

The Council’s Learning Services Team leads during any emergency except for fatal or serious injury (see below).

An emergency in this context can be defined as "An event or situation which threatens serious damage to Learning Services property and/ or human welfare."

Ring the following number: 01274 431000 (24 hour service)

The respondent will ask you for the following details

  • Name
  • School (or other setting)
  • Location (if away from school)
  • Number you can be contacted on
  • Brief description of the problem

This information will be forwarded immediately to a member of the Learning Services emergency response team who will contact you directly and initiate the appropriate response.

The emergency response team will contact you subsequently to confirm the actions that have been taken and to ascertain any further action that  may be required.

Fatal or Serious Injury

An emergency which results in life threatening injuries, or one involving multiple casualties with major injuries. Major injuries are defined as fractures, amputations, loss of consciousness, eye injuries or injuries requiring admittance to hospital for more than 24 hours.       

In the event of a fatal or serious injury incident (i.e. involving employees or those under your charge) you should ring the following number.

During Office Hours: the Safety Adviser on 01274 431007

Outside Office Hours: please contact the Emergency Planning Officer by ringing 01274 431000 and asking for emergency planning.

Emergency flowchart can be viewed here.

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