Child Employment

Child Employment

An employment permit is required for any child who has a part-time job while still of compulsory school age. The permit is issued by the Local Authority where the child works.

Children can be employed from 14 years of age (a child of 13 may be employed in one of the specified categories of employment)

How To Obtain A Permit

An application form for a work permit can be obtained from here.  This needs to be completed by the childs parent and the employer and then sent to the Local Authority within 7 days of commencement of the work. Providing all conditions are met a permit will then be issued. A copy of this permit will be sent to the employer and the childs parent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a child need a national insurance number to be able to participate in part-time work?

  • No, Children do not require a national insurance number to participate in part-time work as they are not taxed. Children must hold an employment permit to make the work legal.
  • It is a common misconception that once a child receives a national insurance card they can start work. Children must hold an employment permit for any part-time employment until the end of compulsory schooling.

Can a child continue to work for an employer with whom they have been on a work experience programme with after the work experience has finished?

  • In some cases this is possible providing the child holds an employment permit. However, some types of employment which can be done under a work experience programme are prohibited employment under Child Employment Law.

If a child works in a family business are they considered to be employed?

  • Children are considered to be employed if they assist in a business which operates for profit and if they are paid or unpaid. This also applies to an employers’ own children.

For information about the type of work children are permitted to do and the hours they can work view the Child Employment Guidelines Booklet  or alternatively visit the NNCEE website.

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