Multi-Sensory Literacy Resources

Multi-Sensory Literacy Resources

Multi-Sensory Approach to Support Literacy Difficulties

The Multi-Sensory Literacy (MSL) programme is a cumulative programme based on the well-founded Orton-Gillinham approach which also supports the systematic, synthetic teaching of phonics.  The programme is designed for pupils with persistent and severe literacy difficulties and taught on a 1:1 basis in two 30-minutes session per week. The programme is cumulative and only includes information being taught or that has been taught - it does not presume prior learning.    


Our Training to deliver the Multi-Sensory Literacy Course

We provide training for SENCOs and higher level support assistants (HLTAs) on how to deliver our cumulative multi-sensory intervention.  The training comprises 5 half days and includes a range of interactive activities, video clips and lots of opportunities for discussion.  Delegates will be provided with the necessary resources to deliver the programme. 


Assessment Tools


The Programme, Lesson Planning and Card Examples


Information Sheets





Lesson Resources

Splat and Tracking Sheets

Tracking Continued


  • Games to readspell HFW
  • SN,SP,ST wordsearch
  • Suggestions for Reading Activities


Phonological Awareness





















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