School Crossing Patrol Service

School Crossing Patrol Service

School Crossing Patrols were established by the School Crossing Patrols Act 1953 which gave Local Authorities the power to appoint School Crossing Patrols to assist children cross the road on their way to and from school. The power given to Patrols is the legal authority to stop traffic by displaying a sign approved by the Department for Transport.

Can Patrols only assist children across the road?

Subsequent legislation expanded provision so that Patrols can now operate at such times the Local Authority thinks appropriate to help anyone cross the road safely, whether or not they are travelling to or from school. This means the Patrol can now also assist an adult to cross the road and may legitimately stop traffic to do so.

How do you decide where to locate School Crossing Patrol sites?

Patrols are located at places where children need to cross the road to get to school and where there are significant risks to safety because of traffic levels. Anyone can request a new crossing patrol but more often it will be requested by parents or will have been identified during the preparation of a School Travel Plan. When a request for a site is made a survey is carried out to establish the number of children wanting to cross the road and the number and type of vehicles. An assessment is then made of other factors that affect safety around the proposed site. A Patrol can only be provided if the survey results meet the Council's criteria for establishing a crossing patrol site. Patrols can be located anywhere along a route to school and may serve children and parents from more than one school.

How do I request a new School Crossing Patrol site?

Please provide your request in writing to the School Crossing Patrol Coordinator.

How can I become a School Crossing Patrol?

The current team of patrols are local people from all walks of life and welcome the opportunity to become a valued member of the school's and the children's local community. Successful applicants are given full training to ensure they are competent and have the confidence to undertake this important role and are expected to wear a uniform.

Further Information

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School Crossing Service, Department of Place, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, Integrated House, Westgate Hill Street Bradford, BD4

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