The Schools Forum

The Schools Forum

Bradford’s Schools Forum is a representative group, established by statutory instruments issued by the Government.

Under national Regulations, every local authority is required to establish a Schools Forum. Its primary role is to act as a formal consultative body, to recommend to the Local Authority how the funding, which the Government provides for schools, academies, other providers and for individual pupils (the Dedicated Schools Grant) is managed. In particular, the Local Authority is required to consult the Schools Forum on: 

  • The formula, which is used to delegate funding to mainstream primary and secondary schools and academies.
  • The funding formula, and other Financial arrangements, which are made for pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, in Pupil Referral Units and education of children otherwise than at school.
  • The formula, and administrative arrangements, for the funding of the entitlements to early years education.

The Schools Forum also has some specific decision making powers.

The DfE's guidance on Schools Forums can be accessed here

Bradford's Schools Forum has a meetings website, where you can access meetings information and past minutes, reports and agendas, here

The following information on Bradford’s Schools Forum is available on this website following the links below:

For further information on the membership, remit and work of Bradford’s Forum, please contact Andrew Redding (01274 432678)

For further information about how to access Schools Forum meetings please contact Asad Shah (01274 432280)

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