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Reintegration Documents

As children return to schools and settings, here are links to information and proforma to support a smooth transition which follows the graduated approach. These will enable the SENDCo and practitioners to focus on collecting relevant information to help provide effective support for each child.





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What is the Social, Communication, Interaction and Learning (SCIL) Team?

We are a service for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) across the Bradford district aged 0-25.  We offer support to maintained mainstream schools, free schools, academies and early years Private, Voluntary and Independent (PVI) settings. In addition, statutory advice can be sought from the team for a child or young person who has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and lives in Bradford but is educated out of the Bradford District.

Our team of Specialist Teachers, Practitioners and Access & Inclusion Officers are able to work alongside key staff in schools and PVI settings to:

  • Help to better understand the needs of children/young people with SEND
  • Support to plan provision which better meets children/young people’s needs
  • Advise on strategies and where appropriate, model within the school/setting
  • Provide training and coaching for staff at all levels to build capacity within schools and settings
  • Offer guidance on next steps, in line with the graduated response to need

A graduated response to need

The SCIL Team works in partnership with schools and settings to remove barriers to learning and enable children/young people to achieve their full potential. We aim to support schools and settings to increase their capacity to meet their children/young people’s needs and support a graduated response as described in the Code of Practice and Bradford's Matrix of Need.

We are aligned with the SEND Code of Practice which states that schools and settings should consider involving appropriate specialists who may be able to identify effective strategies, equipment, programmes or other interventions to enable the child or young person to make progress towards their desired learning and development outcomes.


Referrals for early years children

Schools and Private, Voluntary and Independent settings can access a flexible early years offer of support for children with SEND in their school or setting by completing a SCIL Team referral form which can be found by visiting Skills4Bradford website http://www.skills4bradford.co.uk/Services/5179 you will also see details of the types of support available.

Referrals for Access and Inclusion Officer support are considered at monthly triage meetings and may be allocated to an Access and Inclusion Officer and/or have access to the flexible early years offer. Referrals received after the given deadline will be submitted to the triage meeting the following month.


Submission of Early Years referrals

All SCIL team referrals should be submitted via Galaxkey secure email  to SCILTeam@bradford.gov.uk   


Education Advice 1 (EA1) notifications

The Early Years Team also receives referrals via Education Advice 1 (EA1 notification) which is a statutory notification from health informing the local authority that a child may have an additional support need. EA1 notifications are considered at monthly triage meetings and are usually allocated to either an Early Years Specialist Teacher or Access and Inclusion Officer, as appropriate. 


Contact us

For further information contact the SCIL Team on 01274 439500 or email SCILTeam@bradford.gov.uk

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