Recruitment Strategies

Recruitment Strategies

How to Enhance Your Recruitment Campaign

By selecting the ‘Can apply via Prospects Online?’ button you are enabling potential candidates to apply for the position via the website, thus saving the school time dealing with application requests and distributing application packs.  

A link to enable prospective candidates to download your application pack (i.e. job description and personnel specification for the post) can be added to the vacancy details published online, and by clicking the “Apply now” button candidates can download the appropriate blank application form, and upload their completed form.


As many schools and academies now have their own bespoke application forms, using this method of “download/upload” allows us to ensure that the application form provided via the apply now button is the correct one for the post/school.  

The authorised officer in school can log into the site and retrieve application forms in order to make them available for the shortlisting panel.

The system is designed to automatically purge them after 6 months to comply with Data Protection requirements.

This option is offered at no extra charge.



In order to meet our very tight schedules for compiling and printing Prospects in time for the Monday delivery, and in consultation with customers we have developed a bank of customer specific template designs.  This ensures that your adverts are consistent and recognisable.

We will periodically suggest alternative designs but will only implement them with your approval. If, at any time, you would like to request changes we are happy to accommodate this as soon as possible (changes to logos, web addresses, headteacher names etc can be done immediately, but a full redesign may take a little longer).

Job of the Week

By choosing this option you will ensure that your vacancy gets maximum coverage by appearing on every page on the website, including the home page, until the closing date has passed. This option does incur a small extra charge.

Profile Pages

Encourage candidates to work in your school with this optional feature.  A link on each vacancy for your school and on the school search will take the candidate to this Profile Page so that they can find out more about your school and what you have to offer.

You can add promotional text, award logos and photos, and all current vacancies you have will be published on this page, including a featured vacancy.   This option can be purchased on a yearly basis for an annual fee.


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