Modified / Part-Time Timetables

Modified / Part-Time Timetables

New Modified / Part-time Timetables Policy issued - February 2022


The Department for Education (DfE) statutory guidance on the use of modified timetables is very clear:

Can a school place a pupil on a part-time timetable?

As a rule, no. All pupils of compulsory school age are entitled to a full-time education.  In very exceptional circumstances there may be a need for a temporary modified timetable to meet a pupil’s individual need. For example, where a medical condition prevents a pupil from attending full-time education and part time package is considered as part of a reintegration package. A modified timetable must not be treated as a long-term solution. Any pastoral support programme or other agreement must have a time-limit by which point the pupil is expected to attend full-time or be provided with alternative provision.

The purpose of this new guidance is to assist schools in ensuring they comply with statutory obligations and that they do not inadvertently exclude a pupil illegally, or place a child at risk of harm.


Key points:

  • A modified timetable should be a response to a specific need identified via a Pastoral Support Plan, My Support Plan, Team Around the Family (TAF) meeting or another multi-agency meeting.

  • A parent/carer must consent to modified timetable by signing form MT1 (see appendix A)

  • The timetable should be for a limited period. The suggested maximum length of a modified timetable is half a term, unless advised differently by a medical or health practitioner, or by an officer from Bradford Council.

  • Any modified timetable arrangements should be regularly reviewed

  • The objectives of any modified timetable should be clearly understood

  • A parent/carer must sign MT1 to be clear they are taking responsibility for the pupil when he/she is not in school and guarantee that the pupil will be supervised off site

  • A copy of the notification form (appendix A) should be submitted to Bradford Council’s Attendance Team each time a modified timetable is agreed with a family.


For the purpose of this guidance:

School refers to any state funded education provision, including Schools, Academies, Alternative Provision, Special School etc.

Pupil refers to any child of statutory school age.

A modified timetable refers to those pupils who are not allowed or not able to attend either mainstream or special schools on a full-time basis for medical, behavioural or other reasons:


Part of an in-school support package School:

Parent/carer and other professionals agree that a short-term (no longer than 6 weeks) reduced timetable would support a pupil who has become disaffected, to regain success. This would usually be part of a pastoral support plan as a closely monitored intervention to address and manage the impact of significantly challenging behavioural, emotional or social needs.   


Medical reasons:

A student has a serious medical condition where recovery is the priority outcome. These arrangements would be part of a “pastoral support plan” or “individual healthcare plan” agreed between the school, parents and health professionals.


Reintegration or Transition:

As part of a planned transition or reintegration into school (no longer than 6 weeks) following an extended period out of school for example following an exclusion, non-attendance, school refusal, due to a health condition, etc.

It does not refer to pupils whose curriculum has been modified but are still attending school, training, college, an alternative education provider, etc, full time, including as part of a managed move or dual registration arrangement.  It does refer to children accessing remote education (also known as “online learning”) for Non-Covid related reasons, or children accessing an Off-Site Education Provision and form MT1 must be completed and submitted to the local authority on every occasion.


The policy also provides guidance on the use of modified timetables for children with an Education Health and Care Plan, Children in Care, and Children subject to a Child Protection Plan.

The Modified Timetable guidance can be downloaded here - Modified Timetable Guidance

Form MT1, The Modified Timetable Notification Form can be downloaded here - Form MT1

The Risk Assessment and Review Form can be downloaded here - Risk Assessment and Review Form


Frequently Asked Questions:

I have a child at our school on a modified timetable who arrives at school after the morning register closes, and leaves before the afternoon register is taken.  How do I record their attendance?

Schools must set a time when the morning and afternoon registers are taken each day, and how long the registers are "kept open".  The current expectations from Bradford Council and the government is that the registers should be kept open for a maximum of 30 minutes.  Any child therefore arriving after the close of the register must be recorded as absent, as well as any child not present for registration.

In this case, the law states that the child should be recorded as absent for both their morning and afternoon sessions.  Register times cannot be altered for individual children, the only exception to this is during public examination periods.

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