Learning Support (Cognition and Learning)

Learning Support (Cognition and Learning)

We are a team of specialist teachers and practitioners working within the Social, Communication, Interaction, & Learning Team (SCIL Team) alongside the other specialist areas of Communication and Interaction (including Autism), Early Years and SEMH.   For full details of our offer, please visit  About SCIL Team on our Skills4Bradford pages.  

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Our learning support specialists offer advice and support for pupils with a broad range of needs such as: 


Support for individual children

For full details of our offer, please visit our Skills4Bradford pages

About SCIL Team and or Referral Forms | Skills 4 Bradford


Support for Pupils with SpLD (Dyslexia)

See our Graduated Approach to Support Pupils with SpLD (Dyslexia).

Whole School Support

SEND Specialist Support

The aim of SEND Specialist Support is to provide schools/settings with a specialist teacher who will work alongside their key staff in a collaborative and solution focused way to improve and develop their inclusive practice.  Schools/settings can access SEND specialist support by completing the "SCIL Team - SEND Specialist Support Request".  

Exam Access Assessments (Secondary)

Ideally schools will have their own exam access assessor.  However, for schools who do not currently have a qualified assessor, we can provide this service.  This is part of our traded work and there is a charge of £90.00 per pupil.  For further details and to request assessments, please go to our exam access page on Skills4Bradford.


Our Training

We offer a range of training which is either scheduled (individuals book on) or on-demand (whole school training).   Below is a list of our courses.  Please note we also provide bespoke training on request.

  • Alphabet Arc (on-demand)
  • How to use and interpret the Dyslexia Portfolio (scheduled)
  • Developing English Skills for SEN pupils with EAL (on-demand)
  • Recognising and Managing Dyslexia and Difficulties in Literacy (on-demand)
  • The Multi-Sensory Literacy Course (scheduled)
  • Senco Induction (scheduled only) - Free to schools
  • Supporting Children with Language Difficulties in the Classroom (on-demand)
  • 20-20 Reading (on-demand)
  • Precision Teaching of High Frequency Words (on-demand)

More information about how to access our services can be found here: Skills4Bradford


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