Educational Visits

Educational Visits

Outdoor Education Service 

What we do:

Educational visits, learning outside the classroom (LOTC) and adventurous activities can be a complex area to manage. It is important to have access to an Outdoor Education Advisory Service who can understand the challenges and is able to provide appropriate advice and support.

We enable Bradford Schools to deliver high quality learning outside of the classroom experiences that enrich, extend and support teaching and learning as well as manage risks appropriately. We do this through EVOLVE, a flexible online system designed specifically for planning and managing off-site activities together with expert training, advice and support from our Outdoor Education Adviser.


The service provides schools with a platform to plan and deliver successful educational visits and off-site activities by ensuring they have access to nationally recognised OEAP training, advice and support; and access to the current best practice including:

  • A fully integrated research function so staff  can identify high-quality providers; access technical advice and support and obtain the latest national guidance on adventurous activities
  • A resource library including National guidance policies and procedures; activity specific guidance notes and risk assessment templates to help schools determine the best solution to their needs
  • A robust submission, authorisation and approval process that provides an audit trail for decision making and includes email notifications to prompt staff when their input is required
  • Tracking and evaluation tools to monitor the progress of submissions, view forthcoming approved activities and to report on the success of educational visits/activities both for pupils and staff
  • Access to a range of training and other CPD opportunities for staff to ensure they are best equipped to deliver high quality learning outside the classroom.


  • Access to the centralised Evolve System for the recording of all educational visits
  • Specialist advise, guidance and practical support in all aspects of educational visits
  • Support and advice for emergency accident/incident situations
  • OEAP approved training for Educational Visit Co-ordinators
  • Support and advice when using third party providers
  • Sample audit/monitoring of educational visits to ensure school compliance & feedback
  • Bespoke consultancy preferential rates on LOtC curriculum resources/policy advice
  • Bespoke ‘initial’ visits undertaken to inform the school risk assessment

For more information and to subscribe to the service please follow the link to the Skills4Bradford website.


Educational Vistis Adviser (EVA)  David Maw
Tel        01274 437043 

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