Speak Out

Speak Out


Speak Out! is a peer education programme that tackles issues including human rights, prejudice, discrimination and extremism, and explores ways in which young people can use their voice constructively for society.

The programme is delivered in partnership with the charity Remembering Srebrenica, and consists of:

  • Training for staff and up to 20 peer educators on the Remembering Srebrenica exhibition.
  • The loan of the exhibition for up to two weeks, including delivery and collection.
  • Workshops on the themes of Gender Equality and Sexual Harassment, The Stages of Genocide, and Propaganda and Persuasion, delivered to a KS3 year group.

By offering learning opportunities related to SMSC and personal development, Speak Out helps you to meet Ofsted requirements.

The 2020 statutory relationships education curriculum requires children to learn about prejudice, stereotyping and equality

Speak Out! is free of charge to Bradford Secondary Schools in 2023-4.  To book, please contact jenny.fox@bradford.gov.uk


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