CTE Xperience Team

CTE Xperience Team

Xperience are a specialist central work experience organiser that support schools and other educational establishments with their work experience placements and work-related learning projects and programmes.  The team has 20 years of specialist knowledge and experience in this area of work and provides support/advice around duty of care, safeguarding and health & safety requirements during work experience placements. 

The Xperience Team currently has approximately 3,500 students (across West Yorkshire) in work placements and in addition has worked with other client groups including graduates, unemployed, lone parents and university students.  We work in conjunction with a range of business partners across all sectors to ensure young people engage with employers through work placements and other experiences of the world of work.  Each student requires a unique and meaningful work placement to meet their individual curriculum pathways and allow them to explore the world of work in a safe working environment.  The Xperience Team can broker work placements on behalf of schools, arrange work-related programmes and carry out a thorough vetting service with the employer on behalf of the school. 

What can the Xperience Team offer my school? 

  • Employability Workshops 
  • Full preparation Work Placement Assemblies 
  • Pre-placement Health & Safety Talks 
  • Primary Ready for Work events 
  • Work Place Visits 
  • Work Placement School Audits 
  • Signposting for Careers Events 
  • Internship Programmes and Work-Related Learning Projects 
  • Panel of Experts – an employer Q&A session for pre-placement preparation 
  • SEND Ready for Work Events

If you are interest in finding out more about how we can help you, please get in touch or visit: Skills4Bradford

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