Pastoral Support Training

Pastoral Support Training

Intended Participants

Support staff working in pastoral areas including Learning Mentors and Behaviour Mentors.

NEW Course Planned with sessions on  2 and 17 May, 7 and 22 June 2023 at a cost of £295. To book please go to Skills4Bradford and search Pastoral Training.


Intended Outcomes for Participants

Course Contents:

This is a face to face course at Margaret McMillan Tower delivered over four non-consecutive sessions which gives participants a range of background knowledge and practical information and ideas to support them in their work as pastoral practitioners and the contents are linked to the relevant National Occupational Standards for Learning Development and Support staff.

The areas covered include:

  • an outline of some of the basic theories which underpin child development
  • the issues behind poor behaviour that lead to many pupils being unable to access learning
  • specific stressors which can impact on a child’s education including additional needs and environmental factors
  • the impact of transfer and transition
  • running group sessions 
  • resources suitable for various types of work, including behaviour management

The course also aims to give practitioners practical resources and knowledge to help them to work effectively to improve outcomes for children. 

Efective monitoring, evaluation and assessment methods  are vital and those included in the course will allow effective measurement of the impact of interventions so that they can be more focused and enable practitioners to more effectively tailor their approaches to the students involved and to make the most efficient use of resources. These methods will also support the identification and reporting of programmes using Pupil Premium funding.

The course is delivered by experienced, qualified trainers who have first hand experience of working as pastoral staff in both primary and secondary settings.

Please call on number below for details of bespoke packages that can be offered to schools and MATS.


Enquiries to:  School Governor Services Team  01274 439400 or email


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