Governor Briefings

Governor Briefings

The Governor Briefings..


Termly Written Briefings

As attendance at the Termly Briefings had reduced to a very low level, these have now been replaced with termly written briefings for governors whose schools subscribe to the advice and guidance package. This also give access to free vlogs on a variety of subjects.

The links to the briefings are emailed to eligible governors.

For governors at schools which do not subscribe the termly updates give information on the same topics, but in less detail and without the links to online documents contained in the briefings. 

Both versions inlcude details of training sessions for the upcoming term and the date for the Chairs and Governors Development Group.This group meets termly, with some attending in person and others virtually. The session is free to all governors. For more details look at the update or the briefing and click on the link for more information.

All information and booking can be found on 

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