Introduction to the Clerking Service

Introduction to the Clerking Service


The Department for Education (DfE) regards the role of the clerk as crucial to governing board effectiveness.  The regulations require governing bodies to “have regard to advice from the clerk in regards to exercising the governing board functions”.
It is a requirement for all Governing Boards and Committees to be clerked. 

The clerk to governors has a central role in providing advice to the governing board on governance, constitutional and procedural matters to ensure that the governing board meets its statutory duties.

Our clerking service will provide you with a nominated, trained clerk to support your Governing Board with all its needs, using their detailed knowledge of governance regulations and statutory responsibilities.

We can:

  • cover all your Governing Board’s administrative needs - from meeting planning to production and distribution of timely, high-quality documents;
  • support Chairs, head teachers and governors with current advice on legislation, policy and procedures;
  • support governors to plan their work and development activities.
  • provide appropriate support in the event of unavoidable absence;

New!: You can use your chosen hours for Full Governing Board meetings AND ALSO other meeting types for example committee meetings, planning meetings, Governor Away Days etc.  Simply choose the total duration of your meetings in a year and the related administration is included in the price.

The School Governor Service provides an efficient and effective Clerking Service to ALL governing boards including Academies, Free Schools and Management Boards. All our clerks are trained and regularly briefed on new developments and current issues and their performance and quality of work is rigorously monitored by the Lead Officer for Clerking: Jo Garbett.

For details of the full Clerking Service package that is offered to all educational settings, please go to the following link:

To purchase a package: 

For further information regarding our Clerking Service please contact the Lead Officer: Jo Garbett on 07970199051 or email  


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