Drawing Club by Greg Bottrill

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Time: Mon 15 Jan 2024 09:30-11:00 | Venue: Online

Are you looking to transform your writing practice in Reception?!

Trainer: Greg Bottrill - Author and Play Pedagogy Expert.

About Greg...
A former Early Years Lead and Assistant Headteacher, Greg is passionate about education being an adventure not a pre-drawn route for children. He believes that children need to experience something special within our settings, but also be given time and space to reveal their own understanding and magic. Greg works internationally with settings supporting their own adventures into the world of play and the magic of children.

Do you love books and stories? Do you want to open up the magic world of tales and story to children whilst at the same time enriching their language skills, developing their fine motor and spending Time Together with them? Are you looking for an approach that immerses children into a world full of imagination where anything can happen and often does?

If so, then Drawing Club is definitely for you. The progress children can make through Drawing Club across all areas of child development is exceptional with the added bonus of confidence and joy, and it comes with a tonne of resources to get your adventure started.

Drawing Club is a true adventure and perfect for Reception and Year 1, though it can be adapted for Nursery and even as intervention in KS2. Based around the Golden Blend of picture books, tales and animations, it involves a short period of Time Together as a whole class followed by time with children exploring their ideas and creativity that can be adapted to how you believe is best.

Drawing Club puts you, the creative teacher, back at the centre of your teaching - no scheme, no syllabus, no set texts, but freedom to adventure with the concept and bring yourself and the world of story to life.
  • Immerse children in the world of story and show them the joy of who you are
  • Share a treasure trove of vocabulary with children to open up the playground of language to them
  • Give yourself the opportunity to create a library of progress that can be astonishing
  • Develop children’s creativity and imagination to show them that they are extraordinary
  • Give your children age appropriate practice that is highly engaging and grounds children in the joy of book snuggling

Booking Information

Book places through https://skills4bradford.co.uk/Event/210017

Deadline for enrolement Friday 12th January 2024

Price £35 per person


Published: 13/12/2023
Audience: EYFS and Yr 1 staff
Contact: Phillippa Degnan

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