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Please note that this is not in regards to Buy Back/provision booking for next academic year and is a separate requirement.


Please complete the data collection required NO LATER THAN FRIDAY 19 MAY 2023 to for inclusion in the 2023-2023 data collection for Bradford MDC. 


Annually, we are asked to collate information across the Bradford MDC to return to Arts Council England, all information is then fed through to the DfE in order that a more accurate picture can be formed of music across the whole country.


We hope you will be able to support this information gathering exercise by providing information about pupils receiving musical opportunities in your school. Please find attached the data form which I would be grateful if you could complete as fully as possible.


Instructions Tab and Letter – Please refer to this for any assistance required when completing the Data Return to ensure you complete it accurately and correctly. Examples for each Tab are to the right hand side on the Instructions Tab


Tab 1 – Whole Class Ensemble Teaching (WCET) – data is required for pupils taking part in both schemes taught by the Music & Arts Service, by school staff and by external providers contracted by the school (not vocal).  (This section is only applicable to the primary sector).


Tab 2 – Please provide this information if you, as a school, deliver or contract an outside agency.  Any ensembles/groups which you have booked directly with the Music & Arts Service do NOT need including as we already hold this information.


REMINDER: the information is required for this academic year: September 2022 - July 2023. 


In the unlikely event it is a “nil” return for your school please indicate this also on the form so that we can show the reason in our records.


All pupil data is anonymous when sent to Arts Council.  The data provided to ourselves is used to track pupil progress and their musical pathways throughout their school life.


Please complete the data collection required NO LATER THAN FRIDAY 19 MAY 2023 for inclusion in the 2023-2023 data collection for Bradford MDC. 


Please note: The Model Music Curriculum: KS1-3 (March 21) states:

In Years 3 or 4, it is recommended that each class should start a Whole Class Instrumental Programme lasting a minimum of one term. The mandatory term will be supported by teachers from the local Music Education Hub. Opportunities for development should continue beyond the mandatory term. 


If you currently do not have a Whole Class Ensemble Teaching (WCET) scheme and would like details of this scheme, which we can heavily subsidise, please contact Debbie Bellwood on 01274 435014 who will be happy to discuss options to suit your school.


Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


Published: 11/05/2023
Audience: Primary School, Secondary School, SEND School
Contact: Schools Music & Arts Service

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