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How are your safeguarding leads? How well do we look after them? See below for how Step2YPH might be able to help


Step2 offer a supervision service for staff who have responsibilities for safeguarding and/or mental health support within their organisation. We recognise the strain and the pressure that these members of staff are often under.

  • Staff often deal with a lot of traumatic and distressing material and over time this can have an impact on emotional and subsequent physical wellbeing, and crucially, on vital decision-making processes if not monitored, managed and supported effectively.
  • Sometimes children and young people present us with issues that may be unresolved in ourselves, and this can affect the way we might respond to a child, preventing us from hearing them properly.

We offer staff:

  • Supervision sessions, once every half term, with an independent supervisor, who is not part of the line management of the organisation.
  • a confidential, safe space, where there is an opportunity to offload; to process traumatic and disturbing material; to pay attention to responses to cases and self-monitor any factors that might be getting in the way of decision-making processes.

If you would like to discuss this further, or enquire about costings, contact pauline@step2.org.uk 


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Published: 09/05/2024
Audience: All
Contact: Pauline Mullarkey

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