Age of Wonder: Data Dashboard for Senior Leadership Webinar

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Time: Wed 22 Nov 2023 16:00-17:30 | Venue: Online

The Age of Wonder team are inviting all secondary school leaders to attend ‘The Age of Wonder: Data Dashboard for Senior Leadership’, a webinar where they will gain access to a revolutionary data dashboard!

Last academic year, BiB: Age of Wonder surveyed more than 5000 pupils at 15 secondary schools across the city. Now, we listen.

On November 22nd at 4pm, The Age of Wonder: Data for Senior Leadership webinar will be held on Microsoft teams for all secondary schools in Bradford, regardless of participation in the project. This session will give senior leaders an in-depth look in their student’s data and see how they compare across Bradford and the rest of the UK.

In this session, our team of experts will be giving a live demonstration of the BiB: Age of Wonder Data Dashboard for Senior Leadership and its capabilities. See first-hand how to select the primary characteristics of pupils at your school, and how their mental health compares to other teenagers across Bradford, and the nation. We'll also give an overview of what the data dashboard is for, what it isn't for, and what to do if any aspects of your school's data concern you. This will include a primer on potential pitfalls, giving you all the information, you need to use the tool effectively and responsibly. Finally, there'll be a case study on how we might use the tool to identify suitable school-based interventions that may promote and improve the mental health and wellbeing of students in your community. 

The seminar is open to staff at all Bradford secondary schools. Senior leadership/nominated contacts from last year's participating schools will also receive access to their school's data at the conclusion of this event. No knowledge of mathematics or data analytics is required. Finally, there will be time for a Q+A session with our experts to answer any questions you may have. 

This event marks a new age of cutting-edge collaboration between schools and scientists, with data-driven mental health provision at the forefront.

Please register here: if you are interested in joining this Bradford-first experience.



Published: 15/11/2023
Audience: Secondary School Senior Leaders
Contact: Isobel Steward

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