Free Prevent Projects for Schools 2023/24

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Below is brief information on the free Home Office Prevent Projects for schools. The Projects are free and aimed at secondary schools and FE Colleges. For further information or to express an interest, please contact:

  1. Mixed Up (90 minutes)


Mixed Up explores the Mixed Unclear and Unstable (MUU) ideologies, other areas covered include misogyny, weapon/violent obsession, online grooming, incel and war/massacre obsession.

The method of delivery includes debates, discussion exercises, theatre performance, role play pair work and group work -



  1. Here and Now (90 minutes)


Here and Now includes a hard hitting play that ends with many complex societal problems relating to hateful extremism, specifically focussing on the far right and International terrorism. Workshop participants use the play to try out solutions and early intervention techniques -



  1. Propaganda Past and Present (90 minutes)


Propaganda: Past & Present explores how extremist narratives take root. Using examples from history, the session examines how the conditions of a community give rise to fears and frustrations, and how this has been seized upon by extremist groups to manipulate people.


The session encompasses a range of techniques used by those who seek to use propaganda to push extremist narratives – how it focuses in on highly emotive subjects, spreads misinformation or hugely biased information in an attempt to draw a line between two ‘opposing’ points of view and discredit one or the other -



  1. Minus Violence: Vigilante – Safeguarding Communities from Extremism (90 mins)

Minus Violence aims to support schools in safeguarding young people against life threatening behaviour relating to Racism, Radicalisation, Gangs, Knife Crime, Online Harm, & Criminal Exploitation.

The Vigilante workshop provides a safe place for participants to explore their own thinking and learn about factors that influence hate, racism and violence -




Published: 21/06/2023
Audience: Secondary School and FE DSLs, Pastoral Leads, Tutorial Leads.
Contact: Assia Hussain

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