Exciting Google funding opportunity for technical/consultancy services

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Google's initiative aims to support schools/MATs that are new to Chrome devices to purchase a starter of 40 Chrome Education Upgrades. This is an opportunity for schools that have old Windows/Mac devices and are looking to expand their use by converting them into Chrome devices using Chrome OS Fle

Google is offering £500 per pack, which can be bundled into professional services according to your institution's specific needs. These services could range from a fully managed, rocket launch, domain setup activity; to two engaging 90-minute training sessions that focus on the best practice of setting up and managing Chromebooks in your environment or how to leverage Chromebooks and Google Workspace in the classroom.

To encourage timely participation, this funding opportunity will be available until the end of July. This gives your institution a deadline to work towards, allowing sufficient time for arrangements to be made and to implement them before the start of the new academic year in September.

To take advantage of this funding opportunity, simply follow the steps below:

- Assess your institution's requirements and identify the number of CEUs needed.
- Determine the professional services that would best support your institution's goals.
- Contact shool@getecheducation.com or rslade@getecheducation.com to get started and confirm full eligibility.

Should you have any questions or require further information please get in touch via the email addresses provided above.


Published: 04/07/2023
Audience: Technical support staff and SLT
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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