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Information on your Gas Bill -Novembers usage does not have the Energy Bill Discount Scheme applied.

This communication is to update you on the current gas price situation for November 2023 billing, for schools on the YPO contract. 

As previously advised our gas prices are on a structure where the pricing changes every month with the highest price per month currently being in the summer holidays. For this financial year you will note that we still received the Government discount for Gas, however this is based on the (cost of gas) unit rates being over 10.7 pence per kWh

December billing for November consumption has reduced to 10.6861 p/kWh and whilst lower prices are always welcome, this rate for the first time this year it has dropped below the baseline Energy Bill Discount Scheme supported price of 10.7p/kWh, hence you will not see a discount on your gas invoices for November.

Your unit rate on your invoices is made up of two sections

10.6861 p/kWh =            Cost of Gas

0.5585 p/kWh   =            Non commodity Cost


11.2446 p/Kwh =            shown on invoices


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Published: 18/12/2023
Audience: Head Teachers, Business Managers, Finance
Contact: Michael Saunders Greenaway

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