Free online touch typing programme - Participate in Turbo Typing research!

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Email now to participate in our touch typing learning study running January-July 2024. Spaces filling fast!

What is Turbo Typing?


  • Boost Students' Skills: Turbo Typing is a 24-week programme made for Year 5, starting in January 2024. It's designed to enhance touch-typing skills, unlocking the potential for more efficient and creative learning.
  • Engaging & Self-Paced: Your students will embark on a captivating, self-guided adventure that merges the best of commercial typing courses with invaluable insights from a century of typing research. Interactive course modules and mini-games make the learning fun!
  • Cutting-Edge Research: By participating, you will contribute to pioneering research in motor skill development. We are breaking down the typing learning process into sub-skills, such as planning, dexterity, and error detection. Your school becomes a part of this groundbreaking journey.
  • Rewards & Resources: We provide weekly digital progress reports, a rewards package for your staff, bespoke supportive materials, and optional sets of headphones to enrich the learning experience.


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Published: 13/11/2023
Audience: Primary Heads, IT Curric Leads, Y5 Class Teachers
Contact: Emily Williams

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