Educational resources available for Holy Week and Easter

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You can view and download some educational resources for Holy Week and Easter. These materials are meant for teachers and others who are introducing the festival of Easter to children and young people.

Easter is the most important of all the Christian festivals. It is celebrated by all denominations (types) of Christians all over the world. It is a spring festival, but has no fixed date. All Western churches celebrate Easter on the first Sunday following the first full moon, after the spring equinox. The spring equinox marks the beginning of spring; it falls at the time when the days and the nights are of equal length. Protestant and Catholic Christians follow the sixteenth century Gregorian calendar, while Eastern Orthodox Christians follow the earlier Julian calendar; consequently the Orthodox churches’ Easter celebrations may occur later than the March equinox.



In short, although all Christians celebrate Easter and recognize this as the most joyful and important festival of the Church year, they do not always do so on the same date.


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Published: 11/03/2024
Audience: Teachers / parents
Contact: Bradford Cathedral

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