Spotlight Conference: Neurodiversity in education

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Time: Thu 02 Nov 2023 09:00-12:00 | Venue: Margaret McMillan Tower

Neurodiversity in education – meeting the needs of every child

Neurodiversity is the term used to describe the wide variety different ways human beings think, learn, communicate and exist in the world.

It is an umbrella term - a word that sums up lots of different things and helps us reframe conditions such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia as differences rather than deficits.

The keynote speech is led by by Kieran Rose, and will explore the first hand the educational experience of a neurodivergent individual.

It will go on to look the ‘Neurodiversity Future Pathway’ project and at how Bradford is working to become a neurodiversity friendly city.

Kieran Rose biography:

Autistic author and researcher Kieran Rose has a career background in SEND education and public sector service delivery. He is the parent of three Autistic children.

Kieran delivers his own specialist Autism trainings focused on deconstructing the autism narrative; provides private consultancy to organisations and services internationally; and is a faculty member for the US-based Occupational Therapy charity: The STAR Institute.

He has published a number of academic papers on Autistic Masking (in both adults and children and young people); Interpersonal Victimisation; and Intimate Partner Violence. He is producing more research in these areas and others, including Monotropism and Identity; and experiences of suicide.

Kieran has guest-lectured at Universities across the UK, is peer reviewer for several academic journals, holds the title Honourary Research Associate with the University of Sunderland, is an associate researcher of GRRAND University College London. He is also the lead trainer and content creator for the NHS-funded National Autism Trainer Programme.

With Developmental Psychologist Dr Amy Pearson, he is the co-Author of the newly published book: ‘Autistic Masking: Understanding identity management and the role of stigma’.

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Published: 25/09/2023
Audience: Sencos / Inclusion Leads
Contact: Karen Bickerton

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