PREVENT Projects and Training 2023 - 2024

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We are pleased to announce we will be able to provide a range of Projects and Training this academic year to schools, staff and parents


Bradford Prevent have a number of projects that we would like to offer free to our community


Projects that can be delivered for free to pupils and parents

Mixed Up - Mixed Up explores the Mixed Unclear and Unstable (MUU) ideologies,

Here and Now Here and Now includes a hard hitting play that ends with many complex societal problems relating to hateful extremism, specifically focussing on the far right and International terrorism

Propaganda Past and Present  - is a workshop which ultimately explores how extremist narratives take root.

Supplementary Schools Against Radicalisation- QRTS Merit - Students, parents and Madrassa teachers will be engaged through a presentation centred around radicalisation, tolerance and social media risk, focusing on both Islamic and far-right threats.

Bradford Community Outreach- QRTS-Merit - This project engages local communities using sport, to raise awareness of how extremist groups target vulnerable people. 

Vigilant- Safeguarding Communities from Extremism - This project delivers a two-hour workshop. It provides a safe space for participants to explore their own thinking and learn about factors that influence hate, racism and violence.

Bradford Community Support Project - The project is delivered by The Bradford Hate Crime Alliance and provides individual mentoring for vulnerable people who are referred via the Channel programme, those who are vulnerable to radicalisation but haven't met Channel criteria and individual referrals from partner agencies.


Training that can be delivered for free to staff and parents

General Prevent Training - Giving an overview into what Prevent is, what the risks are in our society, how to identify if someone who needs our help and how to make a Prevent referral

Incels, Misogyny and the Manosphere Training - Looking at the rise of the Incel culture, what it is and why it is so dangerous. Looking at misogyny and the manosphere, why that is so dangerous and what help is available.

United Values Training - Looking at what these are, how they relate to our lives and how to implement them in our work.

Critical Thinking Training - Looking at what critical thinking is, why it is so important and what the dangers are if we don’t implement it in our lives.

Unconscious Bias Training - Looking at what this is, how to spot it and how to ensure we don’t show this in our work.


For further information on any of the projects and training listed above, please contact Danielle King, Prevent Coordinator



Published: 08/09/2023
Audience: Headteachers and Designated Safeguarding Leads in schools

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