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Below is details of the Music Buy Back Information. Please complete the online form to secure your requirements

For those schools who have pupils who are transferring to you in 2024-25 which are currently  doing music with the service then an separate individual  email has been sent with their details.


Instrumental/Vocal Lessons and School Bands/Choirs:


Booking form-  


Please ignore the Whole Class/Curriculum and Form entry info on the booking form as this is for primary schools only.


All instrumental/vocal provision must be booked via our new online system (link above)


Further information on our music support services can be found below:


Price for 2024/25 -


  • Instrumental/Vocal Teaching
  • Pupil Premium
  • School Instrument Hire form to support small group teaching
  • Instrument Delivery and Collection
  • Parent/Carer Instrument Hire Form


Please submit your online request for music support by Friday 3 May 2024.  Please note we cannot guarantee that you will receive the same day/time as this year due to the complexity of timetabling a complex peripatetic service.


Published: 17/04/2024
Contact: Music & Arts Service

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