Bradford school children celebrating Clean Air Day

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Today, we hosted over 60 children from ten Bradford schools to celebrate Clean Air Day to learn about air quality, the environment and how air pollution affects our health


At the event our supporting partners from SkillsHouse, Northern Gas Networks, Born in Bradford and Asthma and Lung UK have been having fun engaging with children on educational activities during the day. The children had a great time making air pollution catchers, experimenting with hydrogen powered mini cars, learning about different type of pollution, and exploring the active travel options around their school


Some of the schools attending have been allocated Clean Air Zone grant funding as part of the Clean Air Schools Programme to improve air quality directly outside schools. We are all motivated to improve air quality and the environment to ensure that Bradford is a great place to live, work and go to school. We are excited to see the many varied projects come to fruition which include elements such as bike and scooter storage, improved cycle paths, cycle to school schemes, learn to ride training, walking bus, changes to school grounds, forest School development, plant screens and seating away from high pollution areas.


Bradford has a Clean Air Zone to improve air quality and to encourage only the cleanest vehicles to enter the city. Every ward in Bradford that cleaner vehicles travel through will benefit from cleaner air, even those outside the CAZ. There are more electric taxis and the number of noncompliant vans, lorries, taxis and buses will continue to fall. As a result, air quality will improve across the district.


Cleaner air has health benefits for everyone, but especially for the elderly and young children, as well as those with existing health conditions. Pollutants in the air that have been traced to vehicles can lead to respiratory infections, decreased lung function, heart problems, and can worsen symptoms of asthma. Removing or limiting the number of polluting vehicles that can enter a city or town centre will improve its air quality, having a positive impact on the health of those living and working there. Health research in Bradford has indicated that the largest health benefits will be felt by the most deprived communities in the City.


Sally Jones, Environment Manager, Bradford Council said,

"We know that air pollution in Bradford is directly affecting the health of everyone who lives and works here, especially the most deprived and the young and old. The Clean Air Zone is reducing the impact of pollution across the district.


"Clean Air Day is a great way for everyone to learn more about why any amount of air pollution can be damaging to our health.”

"We are looking forward to working together with schools in our Clean Air Schools Programme which will improve road safety and air quality around schools to benefit children, parents and staff at the beginning and end of the school day."


This Clean Air Day (Thursday 20 June), visit the Clean Air Hub ( to learn more about how air pollution harms our health and the planet, and find out what you can do to protect yourself and your community.


If your school is interested in finding our more about our Clean Air Schools Programme that includes engagement with schools on air pollution and anti-idling campaigns please get in touch.


Published: 20/06/2024
Audience: school teachers
Contact: Melanie Day

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