Author of the Loving Earth visits schools.

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Deane Narayn-Lee, retired teacher and author of The Loving Earth, continues his popular visits to primary schools around Bradford.

The beautifully illustrated children's book focuses on the impact humans have had on the climate and environment over history. The language is appropriate for years 3 and 4 but the content is accessible and appropriate for all. It is a starting point for discussion around the climate issue and how young people can make changes to their own habits and effect change at a local and national level.

Deane is offering his time free of charge with an understanding that the school will buy the ebook for big screens and a few books for classwork and the library. This is a bargain compared to other visiting authors!

To book your session, contact Deane at or the email connected to this item.

For more information about the book, visit his website



Published: 27/02/2024
Audience: Primary Headteachers, Literacy Leads, Science Leads, Class teachers
Contact: Deane Narayn-Lee

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