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Are you looking for an incentive for your pupils to improve their attendance this term? The Bradford Community Play & Development Service are delighted to offer this amazing attendance treat as a reward, in the week before your pupils break up before Easter!

IPS Challenge  

Perhaps the most exhausting of our unique range of interactive play system games, the IPS challenge will really give you the runaround!

Inside the inflatable, there are ten lights on stalks lining three sides of the arena. These can be lit either red or green, and your challenge is to hit the button when it is your designated colour.

Any of the lights can flash either colour at any time, and usually as far away from you as possible, so you’ll have to be quick. Play the game head to head and you’ll not only have to runaround the game, but run around your opponent too!

All scores are shown on the digital screen for everyone to see, and the one who hits the most of their own colour buttons in the time limit is the winner. It’s as easy as that. There are sound effects to tell you when the game starts and stops, as well as music while you play.

Best of all, because this inflatable has no floor, there’s no need to take off your shoes before you play, making it a much faster turnaround for players at your fair or fundraiser. It is also suitable for wheelchair users, playing against the clock, with adjustable speed allowing for the extra time required to move around.

See it here: https://youtu.be/sufIY7XWUfE?si=SPt4aqtCWdE5kK8_

Interactive Play Slide 

By far the most physically demanding of our unique interactive play system games, the interactive slide challenge hire is a relay game that is as silly as it is satisfying.

Each team member has to press a button to light a light on the wall at the top of the inflatable, then climb the steps to hit that button before sliding back down to join their teammates. As soon as they hit the top button, the bottom button becomes live again ready for the next player to hit, and so the relay continues.

Set against the clock, with all scores clearly displayed on the electronic counter, it’s a couple of minutes of mayhem and madness as both teams really go for it racing up the steps to hit their lights before sliding down in style.

As you can imagine, this is brilliant fun for any competitive crowd, whether it’s an inter-department challenge on a team building day, teachers against pupils at the school fair, or just a battle of the sexes at your wedding or landmark birthday party.

Set it up at your fundraiser and challenge teams of five to pay to play, with a prize for the best score on the day. You could even arrange a knock out tournament, with a grand final to finish the day.


See the slide here: https://youtu.be/mEeNBX_Bssc?si=EFGl8r27NGmAk2rI


Both activities are suitable for all ages and come with a free Giant Buzz Wire! 


Giant Buzz Wire

Based on the classic buzz wire game, the aim is to get the loop all the way around the twists and turns of the wire without touching the two together. If you do, the buzzer will sound and you’ll have to start again.


Watch the Giant Buzz Wire in action at the following link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTfMnMLA2ws


Please contact Lee at lee.clapham@bradford.gov.uk or 01274 435499 / 07582 101571 for further details


Published: 13/03/2024
Audience: All school staff
Contact: Lee Clapham

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