Stanley The Sporting Samaritan looks to educate children about poverty.

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Charity, Action For Sport, looks at educating children about poverty, community, and kindness through children's book, Stanley The Sporting Samaritan, written by co-founder of the Bradford-born charity, Clive Michallat.

"Stanley The Sporting Samaritan" has just been published, written by Bradford Born and educated, Clive Michallat. It is aimed at Primary School and year 7 children.

Clive is Co- Founder of Bradford Charity Action For Sport who look to give access to Sport for disadvantaged children by providing sporting footwear and sports clothing. 

Stanley goes in search of some football boots for his young owner, Dan, whose family can't afford any boots for him. He travels through the enchanted wood in his search for Action For Sport where he hopes to get Dan some boots. He encounters Poverty, sense of Community and Kindness. Lots of life lessons in the book with the aim to educate children that,  that act of kindness can be really life- changing.

Please contact Clive at for more details.

The book is available in paperback and E book on Amazon or through Clive.  


Published: 23/04/2024
Audience: I would like the audience to be Primary school teachers and headteachers
Contact: Clive Michallat

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