Code Club this term: coding with confidence

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Here are some key things to look out for from Code Club this half term including free micro:bits for primary schools.

The Micro:bit Educational Foundation is giving away 30 micro:bits to every Primary School across the country. In the coming months, the Code Club team will be on hand to support teachers to make the most of digital making with micro:bits, as well as helping them to start Code Clubs and build their skills. We’ll be sharing more micro:bit guidance, training, and coding projects soon, but for now you can take a sneak peek at our first two micro:bit Discover projects: Silly reminder and Hobby selector


Training and events highlights:


Scratch workshop 1: Introducing the pedagogy, resources, and fun!
In this workshop, you’ll discover the pedagogy behind Code Club’s easy-to-use projects and find out how you can start a Code Club at your school. 

14 September, 8–9am and 5–6pm BST 


Scratch workshop 2: Coding with confidence 

Build your confidence to run a Code Club by getting hands-on with a Code Club Scratch project.

21 September, 8–9am and 5–6pm BST 


Code Club: Coffee and conversation 

Join the Code Club team to ask your questions, chat about running a club, and connect with other Code Club leaders and volunteers from around the world.

28 September, 5–6pm BST 




Published: 14/09/2023
Audience: All
Contact: Katherine Leadbetter

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