EYFS Profile Assessment for Reception Teachers

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A moderation opportunity for all reception teachers to engage in EYFSP assessment and moderation activities with other schools.

Join colleagues from other schools to engage in the peer-to-peer professional conversations for moderation of the EYFSP. Statutory duties outlined in the EYFSP handbook 2024 - p13 Moderation - Moderation of EYFS profile assessments should be a collaborative process with colleagues. This supports the quality assurance of teacher assessment judgements and provides a valuable opportunity for professional development.

Reliable and accurate assessment at the end of the EYFS is:
Practitioners using knowledge of children: assessment is based primarily on the practitioner’s professional knowledge of what the child knows, remembers and can do day to day. It is a means of checking whether a child has learnt what has been taught and can take place during routine interactions with children and does not need to be planned or documented. The practitioner may simply reflect on the knowledge, skills and understanding that the child demonstrates in the course of everyday learning to plan what to teach next. Where something has been well taught a child’s learning is embedded and secured. The child is likely to demonstrate what they know and can do consistently in a range of situations.

Booking Information

Choose one of the following sessions delivered in Margaret McMillan Tower:

Wednesday 1st May 2024 – 09.00- 12.00


Friday 3rd May 2024 – 09.00 – 12.00


Please come with 2 children in mind, one you judge at the expected level to meet the ELG, and one not yet meeting the expected levels, to engage in professional moderation conversations with colleagues.



Published: 10/04/2024
Audience: EYFS Leaders and Reception Teachers
Contact: Phillippa Degnan

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