EYFS Leadership

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Time: Thu 11 Jul 2024 09:00-12:00 | Venue: Margaret McMillan Tower, Bradford

Will your school have a new EYFS leader in September? Then this session is for them. We will examine what great early years leadership looks like, and provide ideas and advice on becoming an inspirational, effective leader.

Leading and managing early years in school is no easy task and leading a team of others, inspiring them along the way, can be daunting. But there ways to improve your leadership skills to become an inspirational early years leader.
During this session participants will have the opportunity to examine what great early years teaching and learning looks like, and how to lead others in the Foundation Stage. We will identify why leadership skills are so important, and explore ways to develop these skills to become a more confident and effective early years leader.
The session will cover:

- Leadership style and the importance of adapting your style to the needs of team
- Being an inspirational role model
- Key leadership skills

- Leading others
- Leading learning
- Leading creativity


Published: 08/07/2024
Audience: EYFS Leaders, SLT and any school leaders looking to upskill their knowledge of EYFS Leadership.
Contact: Phillippa Degnan

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