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Check Working Parent Entitlement Codes

In addition to the work that you are currently doing checking codes for those children who will begin to access their entitlement from April 2024, the below Audit is required for existing children who have accessed the 30 hours in the Spring term.


Working Parent Entitlement Code Audit

It is important to check all Working Parent Entitlement codes (previously known as 30 hour codes) currently in use for the 3-4year olds in your setting to ensure they will remain valid for the entitlement hours in the Summer term.

Parents must reconfirm their eligibility for the working parent entitlement every 3 months with HMRC. HMRC will send them reminders to reconfirm their eligibility, however if they have failed to do this their code will become invalid, and you will be unable to claim funding for any extended hours.

To help to prevent any issues, you can recheck the codes in your Portal, and prompt parents to reconfirm.



Codes must have been reconfirmed by no later than 31/03/2024 to be able to be used next term, therefore please ensure that you carry out the audit for your setting as soon as possible to give parents enough time to contact HMRC if they need to resolve any issues with their codes.


How to check codes

In the Working Parent Entitlement section, use the Expiration Dashboard on the Early Years Provider Portal:

You may need to adjust the filters in the search to show where “eligibility has ended but code is still in grace”

Codes highlighted red have passed the reconfirmation date. Ensure that the system shows the most up to date information regarding the code by clicking the “recheck” button.


Any child whose grace period ends 31/03/2024 will be entitled to access the universal 15 hours only from 01/04/2024.

You should discuss with the parent their requirements and amend their Parent Agreement if they wish to continue accessing funded hours at your setting.


Please refer the parent directly to HMRC Tel 0300 123 4097 if the grace period is due to an issue with their application.



Published: 16/02/2024
Audience: School Business Managers of Nursery and Primary Schools with Nursery classes/managers
Contact: Early Education Funding Team

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