Hazelbeck School are consulting to expand their school

To be completed by: Wed 24 May 2023

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Hazelbeck is part of the Beckfoot Trust and is a school for students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities aged between 11-19.

At Hazelbeck we are passionate about the fact that our learners are at the very heart of all that we do.  We want them to achieve and exceed their potential and believe it is our responsibility to help them feel success.  This is seen in our school values which are ‘Enjoy - Learn - Succeed’.  

The Beckfoot Trust work closely with the Local Authority to support Children and Young People with an Education, Health and Care Plan in order to give them the best possible learning journey.


What are we consulting on?

The proposal is to increase the number of places at Hazelbeck School from 144 to 194, an increase of 50 places.


Why are we consulting?

If an Academy Trust wishes to make a significant change to one of its schools they are required to make a significant change application to the Regional Department for Education (DfE) Directors. A significant change is defined as one that may have a ‘significant’ impact on the local school environment, through changing the number and/or type of school places and/or where they are offered. Before such an application can be submitted a fair and open local consultation with all relevant stakeholders is required.


How will this be achieved?

If supported by the Regional Directors, this proposal will be delivered by the Local Authority with additional accommodation being constructed within the Hazelbeck School site to accommodate the further 50 places.


Who will fund and manage the project?

This project will be funded and managed by the Local Authority.

The provision will be staffed and managed by Hazelbeck School.


How do I respond?

The consultation will be open from Monday 24th April – Wednesday 24th May 2023 for you to share your views.

Please click on the link or QR Code below to open the survey and to share your views on the proposal:


or scan the QR code

If you would prefer a paper copy of the consultation please e-mail Kirsty Dwyer - becksd@beckfoot.org





Published: 02/05/2023
Contact: Diane Cochrane

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