Lau Lau Song Drawing Method Level 1

To be completed by: 15:30

Time: Mon 25 Sep 2023 09:30-15:30 | Venue: Margaret McMillan Tower

Enhance your curriculum through the Laulau® Songdrawing Method, an inspiring and experiential journey into the creative world of Songdrawing and learning through arts. In the training you will gain a good insight into the Finnish Laulau® Songdrawing Method, its basic principles and working methods.

The versatile method supports cross-curricular learning, social-emotional skills and inclusion. The training is tailored to and based on the objectives, requirements and key focus areas of the EYFS and the UK education system, so the training will give you lots of hands-on ideas for all areas of the EYFS curriculum.

During the course day, you will learn a great number of joyful drawing songs and numerous ways to use them in the creative pedagogical process. The training gives you confidence to deliver and adapt the method in the classroom. Laulau® Songdrawing Method will be approached from the viewpoint of various pedagogical objectives, as well as different age groups and skill levels of children. Learning-by-doing is important in songdrawing, therefore the day is full of action – singing, drawing, moving, playing, discussing and creating together.

Songdrawing is a multi-sensory form of activity in which singing, drawing, movement and story-telling are combined in a holistic and interactive process, and drawings are conjured up by joyful drawing songs. With its versatile working methods the Laulau® Songdrawing Method supports children in cross-curricular learning and offers experiences of interaction and inclusion. In addition to singing and drawing, songdrawing invites the children to concentrate, communicate, and cooperate. It also offers a child a natural and illustrative way to express and visualize one’s feelings, thoughts and observations.

Songdrawing is a joyful and an easily adaptable working method providing an inspiring self-made platform for interaction and communication, as well as for various pedagogical and therapeutic processes and session themes. The method is easy to adopt and to integrate into other pedagogical content, learning objectives and curriculums. The use of the method does not require the teacher to have any special expertise in music or visual arts.

During almost 10 years of method development the Laulau® Songdrawing Method has become established in Finnish early childhood education and preschool, as well as in special education and rehabilitation (e.g. speech, music and occupational therapy of children with special needs). According to the user studies, the method effectively supports e.g. a child’s interaction and communication skills, linguistic and social-emotional skills, executive functioning skills, motor and manual skills, self-efficacy, and courage.

Trainer: Stephanie Warrender, EYFS teacher, music educator and trainer (LauLau Learning UK Director)

Cost - £40 (normal price £149)

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Published: 05/09/2023
Audience: EYFS and KS1 teachers and practitioners
Contact: Phillippa Degnan

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