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We’re delighted to announce the official launch of SAMHE! We are now inviting UK schools to register as a SAMHE school. You will receive a free air quality monitor linked to an interactive Web App, enabling you to view and investigate data on their classroom air quality.

What it is

SAMHE (pronounced ‘Sammy’!) stands for Schools’ Air quality Monitoring for Health and Education. It is an exciting new research project which brings together scientists, pupils and teachers across the UK to better understand school air quality. Poor air quality impacts pupils’ health and attention levels, so it is important that it is monitored and understood.

What schools get

SAMHE schools get a free high-spec air quality monitor that measures carbon dioxide (CO2), total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs), particulate matter (PM), temperature and relative humidity. The monitor sends this data to the SAMHE Web App via your school’s WiFi. Teachers and pupils can use the Web App to view the data in a range of interactive chart and graph formats and see how air quality changes over the course of hours, days or weeks and months. The App also offers a range of curriculum-linked activities and experiments using the data, creating opportunities for pupils to be scientists and do hands-on experiments with their monitor.

Teachers and pupils have helped develop SAMHE to ensure it meets schools’ needs and is fun and engaging for pupils. Teachers who have been involved commented that it is “powerful to see the live feed of the data” and the “range of options allows us to use this system across the STEM subjects”.

How you can use it

SAMHE is designed to be very flexible, to meet your needs. It can be used:

  • for a range of learning aims, group types and session durations (subject lessons, extension activities, extracurricular clubs, careers activities, extended projects, 5 minute tasks, etc.)
  • for different age groups (spanning age 5-18);
  • developing a range of skills, including scientific enquiry, data logging and data handling, understanding graphs and charts, reasoning with evidence and persuasive writing;
  • with clear curriculum links for a range of subjects including, but not limited to, Science, Maths and PSHE. Lesson plans, videos and other resources will also be provided;
  • with career links, including information about the SAMHE project team members and their career pathways;
  • using art and design skills.

SAMHE enables pupils to interact with real world data about their immediate environment, gives them agency to take informed action and offers an opportunity to collaborate with scientists and contribute to important research. 

What happens to the data

Each school can see data from their own SAMHE monitor, but not from other schools. Data from all the SAMHE monitors across the UK is collated in a national database and made available to scientists. Six research organisations are collaborating to deliver the project, with funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and support from the Department for Education.

Who it is for

If you work or study at a UK school (excluding early years-only schools) you can take part. We hope to recruit 1500+ schools covering the full range of school types, sizes, locations and building styles.

Sign up now!

Would YOUR school like to get involved? Register now at samhe.org.uk.


Published: 23/05/2023
Audience: teachers, pupils, management team, headteacher
Contact: Schools’ Air quality Monitoring for Health and Edu

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