Author of the Loving Earth visits schools.

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The Loving Earth has now visited several schools with great success.

The author, Deane Narayn-Lee, is a retired Advanced Skills Teacher who offers to read at assemblies or with individual classes. He has also developed a selection of cross curricular ideas connected to the themes within the book.

The primary focus is on human impact on the climate. Within this, the main themes are greed, carelessness, love, forgiveness and redemption. 

Feedback from schools so far has been extremely positive with both teachers and pupils enjoying the visit very much.

For further details about the book, visit or contact Deane on

There is no charge for the visit although the purchase of books would be appreciated but not obligatory.














Published: 24/01/2024
Audience: Head teachers, Literacy lead, SENCO, Primary teachers
Contact: Deane Narayn-Lee

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