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We have an exciting FREE opportunity for your students in your Alternative Provision

Barrel Organ are developing a new theatrical version of the ‘King Arthur’ myth. It will be made over the next two and half years in collaboration with young people from across Yorkshire. Their take on the Arthur story is one where a young person, not born into privilege, who no one expects anything from, all of a sudden has the power to change the world and build a new society. What sort of a world will they build? The aim of the project is to challenge what models and examples of leadership look like in the UK today. The final show in 2025 will tell the story - created by the young people we work with - of an alternative form of political leadership which works to make the world a better, fairer place, where young people who have previously felt ignored, pushed to the edges or like nothing they have to say is important, finally get listened to and get to imagine a new world.

We want 15-20 young people from Bradford to be represented in this pan -Yorkshire collaboration around the ‘King Arthur’ myth with Barrel Organ and be part of a larger cohort of young people from Hull, Kirklees, Sheffield/Rotherham and York. It’s a chance for the youth of Bradford to offer up their perspectives, share their aspirations and reflect on the themes of leadership & collaborative decision making with their peers.

A series of workshops will take place, the work in progress ideas will be shared in a local venue and then the final production will be shown in Bradford and Rotherham. This is the timeline tor this:

  • Aug-Dec 2023: up to 12 workshops in York, Kirklees, Sheffield & Hull
  • Jan-March 2024: up to 12 workshops in Bradford & Rotherham

  • March 2024: WIP (Work in Progress) sharing in Bradford & Rotherham

  • Working towards key year 2025, with a final production in Bradford & Rotherham

We are looking to run workshops with Young people who span the age of young Arthur (11-20), and/or who are NEETs or attend a PRU/ Alternative Provision School.

The workshops will be run at a convenient venue for your students and there is no cost. (Young people will be supported with travel costs if they can't make it to the workshops otherwise)

This will be offered on a first come first served basis, so please get in touch as soon as possible if you are interested or want more information:


Published: 20/06/2023
Audience: Leads of Alternative Provisions within Secondary schools
Contact: Amer Sarai

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