Evidence in the Classroom: Memorable Explanations

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Time: Thu 25 Apr 2024 16:00-17:15 | Venue: Online

The first of a free webinar series from Bradford Research School.

Research evidence can enhance what we do in the classroom. In this webinar series we look at core components of classroom practice and ask how evidence can help us to enhance these classroom practices.

Teachers always need to explain concepts. But how can we explain effectively so that the explanations are not forgotten? Join Mark Miller, Director of Bradford Research School, to explore:

  • The benefits and pitfalls of models, concrete examples and analogies
  • Building schemas: using and adding to students’ understanding of a topic.
  • Managing working memory demands: making sure the explanations don’t overload our students’ working memories.

Sign up: https://researchschool.org.uk/bradford/event/evidence-in-the-classroom-memorable-explanations 

Coming soon:

7/5 Questioning for Teacher and Student Learning

20/6 Modelling to Reveal the Expert Schema

23/5 Timely and Impactful Feedback

8/7 Building Classroom Motivation


Published: 08/04/2024
Audience: Teachers and school leaders.
Contact: Mark Miller

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