SFVS training/refresher for school staff. Tue 16 Jan 2024 10am -12noon MMT

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To assist school staff in completion of the document, to understand the process and discuss the key questions and see common pitfalls and errors.

The face to face session held at Margaret McMillan Tower BD1 1NN will be led by Bradford Council Internal Audit and will support school officers in understanding the expectations of the SFVS process, explaining key questions on the checklist, taking the audience through the six areas of resource management requiring attention.
The session will include insight into the pitfalls and common errors made and how to avoid them.

The training is for school officers of all maintained schools .
Please would applicants share your thoughts on areas of particular interest that you would like covered by the course - email school.governor@bradford.gov.uk


It will be aimed at Business Managers, Finance Officers and Heads, to support them in their roles of confirming that their school has effective financial management procedures and practices in place, to ensure the optimal use of resources.
They will understand their role in SFVS; be made aware of the deadlines and timetable of SFVS; the structure of the document (and associated documents); have greater understanding of the value of SFVS in clarifying their role and be made aware of other support available.

Although Governors could choose to attend this staff training session, the Governor focused 'SFVS Webinar - guidance for governors' is available through eLearning and can be access at any time after booking on www.skills4bradford.co.uk, any queries please email school.governor@bradford.gov.uk

Booking Information

Face to face session at Margaret McMillan Tower BD1 1NNE 10am-12noon.Each participant must book a place. Please book on www.skills4bradford.gov.uk or contact school.governor@bradford.gov.uk to book a place.
If you have any queries please do contact us at school.governor@bradford.gov.uk


Published: 12/12/2023
Audience: School Business Managers, Finance Officers & Heads of maintained schools.
Contact: Christina Low

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